Love Breakups and Engineering!

Howdy VTU souls!

No need of introduction, let’s dive into the topic right away.

You know what I don’t believe in love. It’s just a waste of time, probably I will never find love or I can never love anybody!

These lines which I said just now would be the thinking of each person who starves for love. Probably you!

Yes, you! If you are reading this then probably you too have the same issues.
Ten years from now, when I would ask you the same question again, your answer might be different. Because then you would be more matured and responsible enough I believe, but right now you are just a student like me. Perhaps an Engineering student. Yes! Let’s take it that way. You might be an Engineering student, joined the college and newly stepped into an entirely different and a new life hoping for wonders to happen, actually to find a miracle in your life. But wait, the first thing you find out is the college the way you wanted it to be until and unless you’ve joined some big shot colleges like NIT and IIT. So on an average scale majority of us get into the college which is not our type and sucks according to us. So here we are….
Stepping our first step towards “Adjustment” and somehow managed to make new friends, probably the best thing which we would have ever done in our Engineering! So now that we have good friend’s too and the best ones are the seniors. Now you start hogging and hooking up all around rides, night outs woah! Woah! Woah!
Now how cool does that sound! Just when you think you haven’t had enough that you start thinking

Bro joined engineering, made good friends but after all we are grown up’s now,no love, no life!

So you start your hunt for finding your perfect gf/bf and yes after a long search you finally find one! Background se pehla Nasha song started violins and Bhagwan jane aur kya kya.Eye contact started, then your love chapter begins, then those romantic dates and late night texts and calls. You are literally ready to set fire to the rain like Adele! No offense, but you start remembering all silly anniversary dates and start planning months before for your baby’s birthday to make it a special day….
ha-ha !nice.
You start feeling that God is on your side now, Somehow you pass your first two years of engineering this way, now you are about to step towards your third year, agar back log hua tho uski tension, Then you are about to enter your final year, which means your senior best friends are going to get graduated and you’re gonna miss them feeling lonely but some how you start telling your heart “everything’s fine” and start getting better but now here comes another hard situation in front of you,
If you passed well, GOOD!
But if not, then you will get year back. Forget it! The world starts blaming you for everything! Nobody bothers to know about what you are feeling. They just worry about your results and give you a year back tag. Your relatives who were never interested in you, suddenly start getting more excited about you and your results. Duh!
Now, why the hell is that so! I know the feel man!
Now that you’ve got a year back, you are studying a year back from your girlfriend. Forget it! She will be graduated soon and is going to get a job too, and since she is a girl, according to Indian tradition and values, going to get married soon. No ones gonna wait for you to graduate and find a job and then marry her!
If this isn’t true about you then bro luck is on your side but lets face it as we know this is the same case where the majority of us face this!
your love is also gone and you are a year back!
You are broke!
completely broke!
You don’t see anyone or anything in front of you now, you just wanna end up all this! Like seriously!

Gimme a break!

You are surrounded by soo much of negativity that you start getting all kinds of weird thoughts, probably some of them would be
“I will commit suicide or I will run away from everyone”

Love and break up stories
But think of your parents and people who love you or are just dependent on you.
For them you’re the star of their you will tell me i am giving you an advice and its easy to give advices.
Ah yea! you are right! I am giving you an advice.
Let me tell you one of the phrases written by myself, So here it goes…

It’s the edge of your mountain,
It’s the edge of your dreams,
It’s the edge of “do or die”,
It’s the edge of EVERYTHING!
But don’t be a fool enough to jump until and unless you slip!


Now if you focus on the last line it clearly gives you a picture as in what would be your next step!
Dont try to end your life!
Suicide is not a solution!
I know its tough to face the society or tough to see your gf/bf in some other person’s arms but face it!
It’s the truth!
Its the reality!
You cannot change anything.
You gotta be strong and move with flow and also accept your life!
Believe me, one day your life will only be tired of all the problems which it’s giving to you and then happiness will start walking towards you.

Love break up stories
For now you are just a frozen ice, which has frozen hard. But i know someday the sun is soon gonna rise. Just for you! Only to melt you! Till then never give up and hope for the best! 🙂