Brindavan college of Engineering review:

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Front view of Brindavan college of Engineering.

Introductory review of Brindavan college of Engineering

Well, first things first. You might wonder where is this college, cause most probably you must have not heard about this college. Yes, it’s relatively established just 6 years back, 2 batches passed out from this college. And no so well-known, at least for most.

Where is Brindavan college of Engineering?

This college is situated at Dwaraka Nagar, off from the main road of Yelahanka also known as Baglur cross. If you wish you can walk from the main road, most probably 2-3 km, else you can shell out 5 rupees and reach Dwaraka Nagar bus stand via BMTC. But we prefer walking as BMTC buses never come on time.

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Entrance and campus of Brindavan college of Engineering

Brindavan college review

Entrance of Brindavan college of Engineering

Whoa, whoa, it might take you a while to figure out where is the entrance of this college, cause unfortunately there isn’t any entrance like a big gate and secured compound. You will be amazed by the size of the campus because there isn’t one. All you could find is few coconut trees and parking space for 2 and 4 wheelers. Most of the space is not utilized properly and left behind for the grace of cactus and parthenium plants.


And here is the entrance to college campus which leads to MBA and Engineering blocks.



Brindavan college of Engineering inside engineering review

Inside Engineering block.

Brindavan college of engineering inside engineering block review

Administrative block

Brindavan college of engineering inside engineering block reviews

Outside Principal office

Well, don’t get fooled by the shiny lights and gleaming surfaces of administrative block, as per the reviews from students of this college from past 3 years, we would like to say one thing, infrastructure of this college stood firmly by only one thing, which is money. Infrastructure is bad, not student friendly in any manner!

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OH, here comes the interesting part, faculty of this college is ridiculously poor in teaching experience and do not expect anything from them apart from blah,blah,blah stories from text books. Get prepared to mug up your text books as there is nothing which relates your syllabus with teachings about practical applications of what you study here, because THEY DON’T KNOW, SO YOU DON’T GET TO KNOW!

Civil department: Civil department dominates over all other branches as dean of the college is also HOD of civil department(AS OF NOW), compared to other branches civil branch faculty is quite good and efficient in teaching, but most them are students who are still pursuing mtech. But still it is better compared to other branches, lecturers are really friendly and dignified. HOD is not strict, so is lecturers. You can bunk the classes without any issues. Lecturers encourage students to do mass bunk if there are less number of students in class. This is kinda good in civil department.

Mechanical department: As we mentioned above, the mechanical branch is also quite okay as HOD is student friendly and provide attendance on demand :p Lecturers are friendly too, teaching is ok ok and not so good.
Electronics and communication Engineering: Here comes the deadliest thing which could happen to this branch students. HOD of this department show you what it feels like to be in hell in 4 years. He is damn strict, of course, that doesn’t mean lecturers are not helpful, there are many lecturers who award attendance if you score well in internals! Some lecturers always try to motivate students and there are gems like Mathew Boban who helps students in every possible way to make them get passed in examinations. Even though out of 140 students only 35% of students got entry to 3rd year in 2015. Remaining students got year back in a terrible way. Even though HOD supports extra curricular activities and encourage students to participate, we felt it isn’t right to make students feel suffocated in a professional course environment.

Computer science and Engineering: HOD is friendly, lecturers are good, no problem for internal marks.
Information science and Engineering:: Is there ISE in this college? some might say so.

But again, HOD is friendly, lecturers are too good, no problem for internal marks and attendance.

That explain everything about this branch.


Well, Library looks good from inside, most of the books are available, do not expect a free WiFi and internet facility, computers are there in library, but they are just show pieces :p none of them actually work. You might face some troubles for finding textbooks during internals time only few books of each subject are available.

College Canteen:

Brindavan college of Engineering Canteen review

Brindavan college of Engineering Canteen

Only good thing about college is the canteen, food is delicious, they serve both north India south Indian and Chinese cuisine, the cost is slightly high, but it worth.
Food is hygiene, you can rely on canteen food for breakfast and lunch.


Brindavan college boys hostel review

Brindavan college boys hostel

Brindavan college boys hostel review

Brindavan college girls hostel

If you are not from local places, Hostel is definitely not for you unless you are a loner girl, hostel fees are too much costly, around 40000 per year without food. If you are okay with the price go for it, because at the same price paying guest houses are available near colleges at walking distance with wifi, food, and all facilities.

Attendance and other rules:

    Got butt hurt?
    yes, get ready to wear the same uniform for next 4 years like school kids, there is an exception on Wednesday and Saturday though. We know you don’t like it.
  2. Attendance:
    It is not compulsory, definitely not compulsory. I have seen guys who never attended classes and successfully attended examinations. If you wonder how, then keep this in mind. Yes, if you have money, forget about college, this is a college is made for you. Nobody asks you for attendance, But you need to pay some 10 to 15 thousand to get hall ticket.
  4. Pay for registration, pay for the fest, pay for the forum, pay for records,pay for attendance, pay for that, pay for this, dude! They suck out all your money.

Nearby hangouts: There are no malls near by, but Esteem mall (Under renovation) is the place you can rely on, there are many chit chat spots like Potenza, of course not worth your money!

Fests: Are you kidding me?
This isn’t where fests happen, how about visiting nearby Reva college for fests?
Well, i remember, previous year they celebrated a fest called antonasia(IS THAT HOW IT SUPPOSED TO SPELL :P), which was like a jaatre.


Brindavan college of Engineering placements review

Brindavan college of Engineering placements

You can see a board which shows all famous companies at the entrance, but unfortunataley they never visit, so RIP all graduates.
There are some small companies which you never heard visits sometimes, but no placement records as far as we know, EVER!

For K-CET students: 41,000 CET fees plus 13000 college fees
For COMED-K students:
For management quota: Depends on agents, starts from 75,000.

Official contact number and address.


Dwarakanagar, Bagalur Main Road, Yelahanka,
Bengaluru-560063, Karnataka, India

Phone: +91 80 2847 8388 / 8423
Fax: +91-80-2847 8766
E-mail:[email protected]

For Admission Please Contact : +91-8088-728-728