VTU Notes is very much essential during examination times and as we all know, most of the colleges don’t provide any kind of study materials to students which are easy to go through. So we have decided to gather as many notes as possible from various online sources and thus making your search for VTU notes easy as well as free of cost.

vtu notes download pdf

In this post, we have included all scheme VTU notes for all branches as well as semesters and you can download all these notes for free of cost. Select your branch and all your respective semester notes will be listed down and you can do VTU notes download later on.

How to download VTU notes in pdf?

Step 1: Click on your branch from the list below.

Step 2: Then select the semester and your subject to download all the notes module wise for free of cost.

Step 3: Click on module number to begin the download.

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