Do you know who killed her

“She is pregnant”, whispered everyone in the class.“How could she be such a bitch?” whispered one of the backbenchers.”We should blame her parents. This is how they raised her.”She heard everything but she pretended not to. The boy she desperately loved had made her see so many dreams and she stupidly believed whatever he said.She reached home and her dad threw the newspaper down in anger and went inside his room.He used to call her ‘my princess’ but after this mistake no more,even the sight of her face disgusted him.After the incident, her mom had started criticising her and telling her how because of her deeds they were not able to show their face to the society. But today, she said something she had never said before – her mom told her to kill herself.Her mom don’t want her to be alive.She went inside the room and sat on her bed.All the beautiful moments of her life, which she thought she would always cherish, made her cry harder. She wanted to live her life.She wanted to raise that child on her own but the thought of her against the world was too much to handle.She took a bunch of tablets in her hand and after a few seconds of hesitation, swallowed it all. She slit her wrist several times, crying all the way. But the tears were not that effective to shout out her emotions because of the physical pain. She soon hanged herself. She didn’t want even a slightest chance of survival. The last thing she thought of, before her heart stopped, was the fact that she was murdering her child.
All her classmates arrived with flowers in their hands and tears in their eyes.Her classmates whispered among themselves on what a great girl she was and how that boy ruined her life. One of the backbenchers agreed that she was a beautiful and a pure soul.Her boyfriend said that he regretted his actions and if she was still alive, he would have accepted the child and that he just needed time to think. Near the door stood her father, wiping the tears that flowed down from his eyes.Near her lifeless body was her mother, crying out the loudest. She was screaming out loud that they would have supported her and that she should have thought of her parents before doing anything. The neighbours nodded and some consoled her with tears.It took all the Universe’s powers for the corpse to not laugh out loud.She was still.She couldn’t move,she couldn’t tell the society that it isn’t her fault.
Because society ruined her life to its fullest!
She was no more to feel the pain of her emotions.She became a memory to everyone.But for few days,there is a god’s gift to prevent her from falling in to minds of her parents,classmates,neighbours!
I have written this,cause I wanted you all of you to know how society behaves and how circumstances could end someone’s life.Every act in your life decides your future! Mind that!
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