If you are reading this, I’m sure that you either got year back this time or came here out of curiosity. But let me make one thing clear before we proceed further, This is not a motivational post which you might be looking for, cause I’m not going to motivate you in any way and this is purely a case study of my life, and this is how I managed to get over the humiliations which I faced. PERIOD.

Well, I was there. Just like you. Broken, failed, smashed, disturbed, shattered, fragmented. What not?


Cause I got year back, just 1.5 years back, I was in 4th semester back then. I was so ashamed of myself that day I saw my results. WHOPPONG 8 backlogs!

First time in my life I thought I was defeated and defaced in front of my parent, neighbors, friends and relatives and went through suicidal thoughts. I’m from a family which is quite orthodox towards a traditional system of education, and I have a brother who is always a topper. So probably I pretty much guessed what is going to happen to me, I concluded myself that terrible days awaits me.

And soon,

  • I will be compared with my friends every fucking time.
  • I will be scolded even for silly mistakes.
  • I will be discouraged whenever I do something apart from my studies.
  • I will be considered as an alien in my own family just because I flunked in Engineering and couldn’t even score ’35’!
  • More importantly, I will be judged for the rest of my life which is as bad as living in prison with cops all around to beat the shit out of you. 

I used to fear a lot whenever I remember my future; many said

You got year back, so companies are not going to hire you!



So my life is over now, is it better if I just die at this moment?

Should I commit suicide and end my life? But how?

Poison? Hanging? Or just go to the terrace and jump from there?
Oh no way, that hurts!

Or should I just run away somewhere? But where? 

I was clueless.
What the hell happened in my life?
I had a lot of questions unanswered,
Why me God? Why precisely me?
Why not the one who bunked all the classes and never studied and still managed to get passed??
Those with four backlogs can go to colleges like nothing happened but not me with just one more backlog?
I used to ask the God who never used to reply. (-_-)
I used to think like a gawk and end up with tears whenever I remember the good old school days, I was never failed before academically, scored 87% in SSLC, and first class in PU even though I was stuck with some severe personal issues in 2nd PUC.
I’m damn sure that you belong to the same category.
Even if I had the slightest clue that something like this would happen, I would have chosen any other course than this engineering. I never wanted to study this Engineering, though.
Still landed here due to parental pressure and misguidance.
But now I’m here.
I have nowhere to go; I’m stuck here with the backlogs and one-year unexpected long vacation and what should I do?

My life is ruined now.
VTU ruined my life; my parents ruined my life, my friends ruined my life.

Wait, what?
This is where I realized that I’m making a mistake. Blaming others for what happened to me. It is obviously not their fault.


I started to think where it went wrong…
6 months of semester,
4 months of classes,
1 month of study holidays,
2 weeks of exams,
3 hours of examinations,
But just 1 and a half minute of valuation and they will declare you as either PASS or FAIL in just 90 seconds. Is my life worth just 90 f*cking seconds?
What the hell is wrong with this education system?

Those unsuccessful people who never get to achieve anything in life tend to propagate the concept of “MARKS” which is obviously a myth. Truly successful people who have achieved extraordinary things in their life always advised to follow the real passion rather than following the herd. The typical template of “MARKS IS EVERYTHING IN LIFE” which is prescribed by all the society, the education system is a big lie.
Well I strongly suggest you guys not to worry about these YEAR BACK conceptions, it has happened, from this moment on society may consider you as a loser and may not be as good as to you like it was before. But trust me, it will make you a better person; it will make you stronger.
I slowly started to follow these things to get over the hangover of the year back.
And I repeat, just don’t argue with your parents. They are already broke and frustrated about your current position. Just don’t enrage them and do not ask for money from your parents for anything, just earn it yourself and there are plenty of ways for it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, just don’t consider yourself as a loser, Engineering is a dying stream, Engineering is a plague, it will remain as a prestige for parents and shoki for students and easy income for Engineering colleges. Studying Engineering for passion is gone, long gone friends. If you want to learn, then you gotta teach yourself if you truly have a passion towards the course.

I’m not a professional counselor. Still, I will try to do my best to give some advice,
Better call it a grudge for those students who study well and secure FCD’s.

The first thing I did when I got year back was, I took the re-admission to the previous year and decided to study all the subjects again. Cause I wanted myself to be punished as much as possible. But after some time I realized that it was a mistake. Just after I took re-admission as I already had some knowledge of the subjects which I studied previously. In the meantime, I looked for ways to earn for myself as I felt it was too bad to ask for money from my parents. Initially, they were quite, but soon it all started; I feel they couldn’t hold their frustration on me any longer. So every day I used to get scolding a from my parents for getting the year back, I never uttered a single word while they were scolding. That’s okay, it was a matter of time, it will pass. :p

It was more of a routine, as soon as I enter home my parents used to start scolding like,

you are sitting with your juniors, you should’ve studied earlier and now your life is ruined, enjoy this

Of course, they never mean it. Their frustration was turning into anger gradually, and they started to throw it on me. I could clearly understand why they were scolding me, even though I felt like better commit suicide than listening to all these scoldings, I felt like I should do something to prove myself.

All these things changed my perception towards this society and education system; I slowly started to getting involved in the online world and slowly disappeared from offline world searching for the opportunities to make money and gain knowledge. It was too hard at the beginning; I had none to guide and push me forward. I landed up on few data entry jobs and couldn’t earn a penny as those are complete scams. I gave up many times and cried my heart out for opportunities.

That is when I realized to make use of the huge number of students of VTU as assets to earn by starting a website. Well, I certainly feel bad about this. Because I feel it isn’t ethically good to use students to make money.
But I read somewhere that,

If you are good at something then don’t do it for free.

That is when I started VTUSOULS.COM
Even with no knowledge of websites and search engine optimization. I started it, cause I wanted to do something so badly and involve myself in something, else I would have killed myself in no time. I was afraid of my lame failure crushed future.
The aim was clear, to beat all the competitor sites and get ranked in the first position in Google. But how?
I took help from my friend Rupinder from Punjab to do this. I started to gather all the information from Google.com related to SEO, WordPress, Backlinks, customizations. It wasn’t a cake walk. I worked hard for 6 months to get my first payment from Google. Worked day and night writing posts and helping those students who had doubts regarding various systems in VTU.
As I mentioned earlier, I had no experience in all these website stuff, cause it was never my cup of tea. I felt it was too tough to configure menus and all complex settings in the back-end. But I get used to it, slowly and constantly, I was deterministic that I badly want to do something in my life and I choose this.
And in the span of few months, I have managed to learn everything related to WordPress in web designing and configuring servers as well as customizing websites according to the need. And started to help VTU students online and became admin of all 3 groups with around more than 70,000 students altogether. Once I get a hold on visitor base, I started to use it and implement all the techniques and SEO tips with my friend Rupinder. All hard work, frustration, anger, disappointment and humiliation which I faced did pay at the end!


I ranked every post related to results and revaluation results after official site and grabbed all the traffic, beat many authority sites like bookspar, fastvturesults, vtuhelp, vtucampus, vtualerts, vturesulshub in the span of just 6 months and became top  2nd website for VTU students just after official site.

Here is the screenshot of the stat when my site crossed 1 million page views and 4 million Google ad impressions in just a few months.

Just now remembered this phrase from the pursuit of happiness.


I work hours, to make thousands.
I have created numerous websites for various schools, students as well as enterprises and it’s been more than a year since I asked for a penny from my parents. It feels good to be financially independent.

It won’t take me more than 30 minutes to create websites now.
I’m also a content writer who write for other sites and make money out of it.
I own around 4 websites which I consider to be the properties which I own. I’m proud of it. And I developed an Android application for VTUsouls.com, and I will release it in Play Store soon.

Now blogging is my passion, I would do anything for it. I can make it as my full-time work and earn dollars without doing anything.

Now I’m no more interested in studies, and my parents won’t force me to study too.

Cause they are happy that I’m earning now. But I’m still studying and trying to finish off this Engineering and make them feel good about it.
Yes, I hate engineering, but still, I got this wish to be fulfilled.
Let me do this for my parents. That is all my parents want; they want their kids to be happy and independent.


Trust me it’s not something which nobody ever did. This is not at all a bragging post or show-off post.

I know the frustration of year back students, and I feel this might help you to regain your confidence and work on it.

Always remember,
Life is too short to do something which you love, don’t whine and complain. Instead, live for what you love.
I have found my passion,
Hope you may find yours too.
Sooner or later you will.

If I can do this in a span of just 6 months, Why can’t you?

And always ignore these type of relatives and neighbors.