How to get 35 in VTU exams?

Hope you guys already read my previous post on how to score above 90 in VTU, so many students asked me about how to score 35, so this post is for them, as well as for me. So here we go 😜

First of all, before reading further, let me add this to make one thing clear,

This post is for a students who are struggling to get 35 and for those who just want to pass and I have written exclusively for a students with below average academic background, of course for a students like me :p

Those who are willing to score higher marks and FCD can stop reading this post, and continue studying their textbooks. 😜
So we all know, how badly we want to get passed in VTU exams and actually passing in all subjects is such a pleasant feeling for every one of us, no tension of backlogs, no need to study same textbooks again and again, and most importantly, no need for writing exams in morning and matinee sessions 😇
So, how to get 35 in VTU exams?
Is it a big deal to score 35 in VTU?
Some FCD holders might say,

It is very easy to score 35, what is there in that?

But for below average students like me
It is kind of an achievement, cause every time there will be a backlog waiting eagerly to greet me in next semesters. I’m exhausted of these backlogs, and I want to pass every subject in every semester without fail very badly.

The Same question strikes us again, how to score 35 in VTU exams?
So what should I do to get 35 in VTU?
Here is my case study on how to get 35 in VTU exams?
*Study what you supposed to study:
Well, most of us fail to choose what to study and what not to. Most of us consider five units in each subject without understanding the concept and expecting evaluators to give us marks. What you should do is, instead of putting the effort in 5 units, study three units and have a grip on the concept of that three units firmly. And just glance the remaining two units relevant questions.
*Which questions should I study?
Okay, the problem is nobody knows what VTU is planning to put you into, question paper might be tough or easy, or in between these 2, nobody knows right?
But one thing you can make sure is, VTU is toooooooo lazy to prepare new questions for every unit, what they do is, they choose the repeated questions most probably in all units, only in rare cases, they frame new questions. So just download your branch question papers from here, and start writing each subjects questions and answer them one by one, don’t be a lazy bum, work your ass off for at least for a month. After solving those questions just glance through concepts and make sure you have prepared well for three units pakka. If still there is enough time, go through important questions of remaining two units.
*How to keep yourself motivated while studying?
Well, nowadays Facebook and whatsapp are ruling us, we can’t live without these. So a small suggestion is, deactivate your Facebook and whatsapp account!
Lol, just kidding, don’t deactivate, cause I know that you won’t :p
Just don’t keep staring at your mobile while studying, just put your mobile data off and study, else notifications from Facebook and whatsapp could bother you. And don’t study continuously, just make a schedule and solve questions one by one and make points, most importantly, understand. And you can play candy crush or mini militia meanwhile :p

*I don’t have interest to study, what to do?
What? Are you serious?
Come on! You should study, VTU is a black hole, and this has already sucked you! There is no way out till you clear all your semesters, just wake up and study, you gotta do it 🙁
Later you can go for any field and whatever you like! Just get the hell out of here!
And that is it.
While writing exams:
1. Use a black pen to draw circuits, diagrams; everything should be in bold and viable.
2. If time permits, underline keywords. This might help evaluators to understand that you know the concept.
3. Never scratch your answer.
Evaluator probably has around 2 to 3 minutes to stare at your answer booklet, if you scratch your answer, it tends to create a bad impression. Just don’t do it. 🙁
4. Write diagrams where ever possible.
Two pages of answers are equal to one diagram :p
5. Attend all five units, even though you studied for 3, and partially prepared for remaining 2.

I hope now your confusion on how to get 35 in VTU exams is solved 🙂
You have prepared for three units pakka, and remaining two units partially. And now assume you are in the exam hall.
Here comes the question paper. You will start to see questions from 3 units,
1st unit: umm no problem, I can write well
2nd unit: oh not so bad, but I think I don’t know question C
3rd unit: Oh no, I didn’t study these two questions of b and c 🙁
Later you will glance through another two units.
4th unit: Lol which are these question? I haven’t seen this :p
5th unit: Ummm I think I know a question. Let me try though :p
Well, you answered now, let’s end this case study.

And that is how to get 35 in VTU exams :p
This might be your marks.
1st unit: You have prepared very well.
Marks: 16 out of 20 (let’s say some minor mistakes)
2nd unit: You have prepared very well, but bad luck, some unknown question.
Marks: 12 out of 20 (You didn’t answer question c and got 12 marks)
3rd Unit: You had prepared well too, but what to do tough🙁 question paper and 2 unknown questions.
Marks: 8 out of 20 (You didn’t answer 2 questions)
4th unit: You doesn’t know a shit and let this one go to hell! :p
Marks: 00 out of 20.
5th unit: Thank God! You glanced that question and it was right there! You answered one question!
Marks: 6 out of 20.
So total is 42!
Whoa, we were planning for just 35 right?
Even if the evaluator is an A**ho** wants to fail you, he wouldn’t do that. And you will surely land up on 35!
***********The End************

This is our post on how to score 35 in VTU exams and share the post if it helped you and comment on your experience and thoughts 🙂