How to score above 90 in VTU exams 🙂


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Well, recently something came up in my mind while browsing quora, I have found an answer for something which was striking my mind for so long.

As a students under VTU, we all want to gain good percentage in semester exams and most of the students want to score 90+ in every subject ( But end up getting 35 :p)

So how to score above 90 in VTU exams?

I have found an answer!

Let’s see how Preethi Sridhara’s answer might change your perception on getting 90 and FCD :p

Hello, there!

I will tell you how to score above 90 in VTU exams only if you promise to tell me how you stay motivated while studying for VTU exams! No, seriously, why why why would you want 90+ marks in VTU? Ugh.

Okay, anyway, I gave the 5th Semester Computer Science Exams few months back. Even though I’m not getting 90+ (Heck, I’m not sure if I’ll cross 50), I’ll give out a few tips.

Steps to  be followed:

Collect all the previous years’ question paper from 2011, preferably buy a Scanner. Choose the 5+1 units that you want to study. Note down all the previous years questions on a paper. Now open the prescribed textbook, and note down all the topics that haven’t been asked ever.
Make notes. DO NOT read other’s notes, especially the notes you’ve downloaded off the net. People are lazy, they’ll skip half the things and you’ll  study half of that and write half of that..and that means you’ve written only about 12.5% of the original content. So MAKE YOUR OWN NOTES.
My dad always says, “Writing once is better than reading ten times“. That’s why, MAKE NOTES. In points.
Prioritize bro. Emphasise on the previously asked questions. VTU peeps are too lazy to form new questions, most of the questions are repeated.
Once you’re done with the previous years and almost avoided sinking into depression, make notes on the left out topics.
Now mug the hell out! Point to point. Word to word. Diagram to diagram. Mug. Mug. MUG!
If you happen to have poor memory retention, teach the concepts to your water bottle (They’re very good listeners!). This way, you’ll understand the concepts better and remember better.
Do 5 units thoroughly. And if you’re jobless and insane, do the 6th one.
Okay, we’re almost done.

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On the day of exam:

Wake up at 3 AM (Get at least 5 hours of sleep). Read your notes again. Revise, recall.
Do Mari Amman Pooja. Recite all the shlokas you know. Singing Allah Hu Akbar is also very much appreciated.
Get to college at 7 AM. Listen to Suprabhatham by M.S. Subbulaxmi during the commute.
Sit in some corner, away from all the toppers who are born just to lower your confidence on the day of the exam.
Open scanner and glance through everything. Okay, done, now.
Get inside the hall at 9 AM. Fill the booklet carefully and sign in those hundred thousand pages.
At 9:30, get into SPARTA mode. Attack the paper. For 10 marks questions, write at least 3 pages. Write every shit you know, draw all the god damn diagrams, write in points, underline important keywords and sentences, draw a line after each answer while maintaining good handwriting.


Fill the entire 43 pages to let the evaluator know you’re a friggin’ GENIUS!
Now in the one month holiday, visit Dharmasthala, Tirupathi, Kashi, Ajmer Durga, Churches in Goa, Golden Temple and all other holy places in India and pray!

Beg the lord that your evaluator should be kind-hearted guy and his mood while evaluating your paper is good.
Congratulations. You’re done now.

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If you still don’t get 90+ marks, just know that it’s not your fault, kid. It’s not unheard of that VTU evaluators can be real jerks. They evaluate you on the basis their mood.

I had written for about 120 marks in my OOP and Logic Design paper, filled all 43 pages and expected 90+. But I got 70 in each (which is like an achievement!)

You can try threatening the evaluator – “NoD maga, 90+ koDu…illandre..!!” (give 90+..or else!!)

90+ in VTU is lol.

Anyway, all the best.

P.S. If you manage to get 90+, please do send Cheese Burst Pizza and Diet Coke to my house.

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Thanks to Preethi sridhara for such an empanled answer 🙂

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