Results are again hammering students of VTU with full swing.And students might be wondering how to stay away from backlogs.Because this is the most haunted question for all engineering students under VTU.Most of you people already experienced it and get used to it too,now backlogs are like festivals,we celebrate it more often twice a year.But 1st semester students are yet to have glimpse of backlogs.Because it is something which is unusual in pre university courses and SSLC.Gone are the days when you fail in one subject you have to write it in either supplementary or next year.Cause in engineering you can fail in as many subjects as you wish in odd semesters(Not in even semester!)and you can write it in next semester also.welcome to VTU by the way!

A student under VTU can only understand how it feels to study backlog subjects whole night before examination.


Many first year students opinion on backlogs are kind of hard to digest.Because according to them it can be cleared without hassle in 4 attempts,But I really wonder whether is it possible to do so practically.So as an experienced senior,let me guide you through:
So here is my opinion on backlogs:
*Backlogs are like f**king crabs,the more you have,more it bites.(And more it hurts when you have to clear it in next semester!) *If you have something in your mind like ‘let me write this subject next time’.Hey wait! You are definitely going to regret it.I have experienced it.Because first attempt is the best attempt.I bet you can’t enjoy clearing backlogs once you missed the hit.
*Most important one!
If you are willing score good percentage and good marks don’t even dare to keep one backlog.Because it might leads chain reaction which keeps on multiplying your backlogs until you say ‘damn how the hell I got these many backlogs!’
So how can you prevent backlogs?
*I have no tips on this until you study well from first day,don’t do hardwork,do smart work!
*Make your own notes,which will surely help you.
*Keep all your notes even after your exams because even if you are damn sure that you gonna pass, please have patience.your results might shout ‘Sir you have backlogs to catch’.Because it is very hard to get study materials back once you give away.
*Just try to understand the concept and don’t write all unwanted stuffs.I have written unwanted stuffs and got flunked many times.And regretting now.I’m frank ( -_-)
*Do not dare to write ‘Sir please pass me’,’i’m poor,pass me’,’i’m girl my parents going to arrange marriage if I don’t pass’.Dude!,Lecturers don’t tolerate these,They just laugh and flunk you even you have written for good marks.Don’t do silly things.
*Try to ask help from a friend.Because if you learn something from your loved ones.It stays longer in your mind.
*Don’t mess with lecturers.They are in teaching profession to earn their livelihood.Not to torture you.(-_-)Feel free to clear your doubts,more you ask doubts,more you become familiar and more will be internals marks once they come to know you are atleast trying to cope up with studies.
*Internal marks are like one way ticket to heaven.Make sure you have tickets to clear all your subjects by scoring atleast ’15’.
That is all.I Hope it’s gonna help.

Last minute preparation can’t fetch you good marks amigo!

What to do if you already have backlogs?
*Do not worry,let me join you.I have also flunked numerous times.Do not faint,you can pass if you have 15 average in internals.First make your mind clear and keep this ‘I will pass this subject,no matter what’.
*Start studying backlogs with co-subjects.Don’t start studying at last moment.You can’t able to pass.Because imagine it once,you have studied a subject for 6 months in first attempt and fluncked.But now is it possible to clear with 2 or 3 weeks preparation? I don’t think so.
*Try to reach valuators expectation,If the one who valuates your paper gets an impression that you studied some what okay,they surely gonna pass you.
*If you are failed in semester exams,there must be some reason behind it,try to make sure you are going to supress it in next attempt.Because “NOW OR NEVER”
*In case of more than 3 backlogs in odd semesters.Just be careful! You are at the edge of getting year back!by the time you realsise you could have prevented getting year back it would be too late.So it is time.
*Do hard work if you are a intelligent student
*Do smart work if you are a student belong to my category with backlogs+frustration+hatred+depression
*Last thing ‘It is never too late to achieve something’.Well,for us achievement is clearing all subjects in each semester right???????????Lol.
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