Well 7th and 8th semester results of VTU announced yesterday, If you are disaapointed about your results and if you have an aggregate of less than 60% in your previous semesters,you are at the right place.Keep reading…

I know certainly that you people very much worried about placements and your career,everyone do.That is the reason why most of the people come for engineering field.To get 5 digit salary,job in MNC,it will be like your life is settled.
But,will you get a placement with less than 60% aggregate in your previous semsters?
Will you get placed in MNC even if your academic career is as bad as one can ever imagine?
Is it too late to get up with competative world?
No,do not get disaapointed there are some companies which requires minimum 60% aggregate to attend placements,but there are still plenty of companies which doesn’t consider your academic scores,rather they want to know what you are good at.
To keep up your momentum with results of students with higher aggregate,here is some tips for you to attend interviews and placements.
At first,If you are a student belong to Computer science,Information science,or even electronics and communication engineering,then first learn basic coding skills including C/C++/Java/Python.
Structure of placements:
Technical interview 1
It’s all about coding!,learn,learn,learn coding.It is necessary to fetch you some good impression.
Technical interview 2
Intense questions on algorithms,it again depends on how good you are at programming.Prepare for it.
HR interview
It’s simple:Just speak!
In all interviews you are asked to tell something about yourself. Make sure in this you tell them what projects you have done and what all stuff have you currently been working on. Try to move them to your project as much as possible. The more time you spend on your projects, the more better it is… Also, try to tell them about some course projects that you have done during your coursework. Its always better if the interview goes in your favor.And it will go in your favor if more time is spent on your projects. If you don’t know stuff be straight enough to tell that you don’t know it. Do not fake answers. If you give a fake answer BIG TROUBLE!!. They appreciate if you tell them you don’t know stuff.
That’s all!
But make sure of 3 things:
2.Intense algorithms
3Communication skills.
Follow below instructions too:
1.Do a mock interview,it will mentally make you steady.
2.Speak out whatever you are thinking,the interviewers are generally helpful and they don’t mind correcting you,but for that you must saying whatever you are thinking. Let them understand how you approach any problem.
3.Dress smartly and speak confidently. Speak at a pitch that is audible to them, confidence warms up the interviewer towards you.
4.If you are unable to solve a problem,don’t waste too much time on it, try asking for a hint. But show the interviewer that you are trying.
So,start preparing from now,it isn’t too late! Stop thinking like ‘oh dude he is getting FCD’s,i’m having backlogs,he will get a job,i won’t,he will settle in his life,am I gonna fail,i’m this,he is that….’

Wtf dude! Stop comparing yourselves with others! Come on! You can do this!

Just start now! Show the world that what you are capable of! Who knows? You could be another Steve jobs! Or another Bill gates who couldn’t even get their degrees! you are already in final stage of completing your degree right! aren’t you intelligent to come this far! you are! realise it and do it!
Because nothing is impossible! We are here for a reason!

Thanks for reading,if you liked it feel free to share! 🙂