Last date to apply for crash course


Tomorrow is the last date to apply for crash course, I think most of you guys already submitted the both forms in your colleges.

If not, make it quick, cause tomorrow is the last date to apply for crash course.

And in most of the colleges crash course has begun already, do attend the crash course properly as he attendence is taken strictly, if you have backlogs then there is an exception to write exams, but do not ignore this, this is going to be an important factor which decides your future. You can easily save one year. Most of the guys asked me about the examination date of crash course. At this instant, I can’t cmoment on specific dates but exams for crash course is conducted shortly during the beginning of February.

And I will keep you guys updated about this.

Someone aksed me for affidavit print outs, I have collected from one of my friend and those who haven’t done it yet, check out the format.

image image


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24 thoughts on “Last date to apply for crash course

  1. hello i have an imp qustn regarding this crash,, if v dint pass in exams n v go to revaluation if v pass in revaluation qt do v do,, coz revaluation results cum in march mid r end,,if exams crash conductd in feb itself ?????

  2. Dear sir
    I the student of a collage now year back for 5thsem iwant change of college now by getting M2pass
    Can i get permision to change the collage to attend crash couse and 5th sem exams confirm me please i very much failed like anything due to irresponsible valuation by vtu

  3. please answer my question shravan
    I had 7 subjects back(3&4sem)
    I was absent for 4,,,,,I wrote 3 & I am sure I will pass all 3 ……will I get eligibility r not…
    please tell bro

  4. I’m studying 3rd year b.e..I come under 2010 scheme v have chance of this supplementary exam for next year inorder to get eligibility for the final year incase if v fail at d and of 6th sem…kindly answer .

  5. 21sept 2017 is the last date for submission of affidavit but I couldn’t able to submit so please is there any solution for this ?

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