Life of an Engineer

The life of an engineer is tough. It all begins with succumbing to peer pressure and selecting the course or actually having a passion for the program (which makes you the subject of discussions, sighs, and confused glances!). And then you get to the stage of perpetual procrastination and regret. The regret of perhaps not checking the JoSAA 2018 eligibility before preparing for JEE Main.

As time passes, you start to understand how impossibly crazy the job market is, and probably give up on the thought of drudging at a per annum package job, and let go of all illusions of being successful, maybe. And no, it isn’t as dreadful as it sounds. It is actually pretty exciting (until your life has been sucked out of you after the third semester)!

Once settled, and have paid your fees to whichever university you are studying at, for example, having paid the pes university fees. You learn the knack of surviving the life of an engineer. And it is an acquired skill, so you spend the next four years of your life perfecting it. Because no matter how damaged and lamed the program’s name might have gotten, it is a great profession, and you have to figure out to how to survive it if you want to make something of yourself.

Disclaimer: This post is written keeping in mind you have a sense of humour. Try any of the guidelines at your own risk!

  1. Make that time-table and Procrastinate!

Procrastination is an art, and you have to go about it being scrupulous. Really put in the work! So, how this helps you is you end up prioritizing your tasks. The important ones to get done eventually, but a few tasks though, the unimportant ones, seem to magically go away. And you end up with a smaller share of the work (This guideline hasn’t been tried or tested on a real student, and is just the byproduct of wishful thinking).

  1. Play those games.

Life is depressing enough, if playing Dota or CS gets you happy, then go for it! You can study for the semester finals a week before the exams. A happy mind is a productive one.

  1. You don’t need sleep.

Sleep is for the weak. Stay awake, and talk about absolutely nothing of importance. You have a class in the morning? Well, you can sleep until the teacher catches you and throws you out.

  1. Eat what you find

Eating healthy is a folklore your parents cooked up to keep you alive. Eating whatever you may find in your room or your friend’s plate, or anything you can afford actually is what adulthood is all about.

  1. Xerox those notes


If you have followed all the guidelines, and the semester is about to end, then find the friend who has a shred of clearing the exams and Xerox their notes. It doesn’t matter that you will never be able to actually study them, just having the notes gives you the power of confidence to attempt the exam you are failing! And confidence is all you need (You need marks too, but confidence is all that is available to you right now).

That’s all the guidelines I can provide you with for today. Do leave comments below and tell us how you are surviving the daunting experience of becoming an engineer. And all jokes apart, it is a gruelling program, but if done efficiently, you might just survive.

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