A request to VTU crash course students

vtu crash course exam

As a responsible webmaster of this VTU students community blog, I have decided write about what we have known so far regarding crash course results as students are already enraged and worried about even semester classes.

One thing which gotten into students mind is

Has VTU played a nice game by allowing students to attend the crash course and now making them wait as long as possible to frustrate them out and make them drop their plans to enter next semester?

Well, some rumors and false information might depict this but let us assure you one thing. Crash course students will face no year loss, and apparently, VTU is working in order to provide results soon.

When looking into the dates, according to the pre-set schedule of the crash course the date of commencement is from 26-12-2016, and the last working day for crash course was on 12-02-2017, and yes which is already over and the results of the eligibility exams has not yet announced and students are worried which is reasonable too.

But now the classes for regular students for the even semester has started and but results of these crash course students are nowhere to be found. One more thing is nobody knows why results are not yet announced as valuation is over before two weeks.

And one more thing to notice here is, the whole process of crash course has been a bit of blunder and many colleges not even tried to create sessions for crash course students and conduct internal examinations.

Since now the last working day of VTU crash course got over, and students are confused whether to attend the 6th semester or stay at home and wait for results and also big question unanswered is when VTU is going to conduct the examinations for 5th semester?

Well, I must tell you guys that there is no need to freak out. Do not believe the rumors and sweat yourself. The crash course is a great opportunity for thousands of students, and it didn’t happen over night. Thousands of students struggled day and night and hospitalized for days to bring this change from the University. Don’t take this change for granted. Obviously, VTU is going to announce the results and as we all know why VTU results are getting delayed.

There is a huge change this time in the valuation process, and since the valuation for the crash course is done manually, all the data has to be collected, and yes, it takes time. I’m in no way defending VTU; I understand all the problems students are going through. But we have no choice; we should bear it for few days as there are many factors which are affecting the results announcement and VTU is not delaying this intentionally.

What should I do till crash course results get announced?

If this what going through your mind, we suggest you to speak to the HOD of your college department or principal in order to explain the situation and take admission to even semester. And yes, many colleges has decided to allow students to attend the classes. Feel free to speak to your college management regarding this; they are humans too. They will understand the situation and allow you. Trust me. 🙂

When will be results announced?

You might think that we aren’t doing anything but just changing the dates everyday. Alright, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, obviously, it is not possible for us to reply to thousands of comments. And yes, we have been calling VTU and even tried to contact the Vice-chancellor, and Vice-chancellor is expecting students to concentrate on studies and prepare for crash course semester subjects. Results are getting delayed due to technical issues as we have posted previously.

If VTU is neglecting the crash course students, then 7th and 5th-semester results would have been announced by now. Please stop worrying, your opportunity provided by VTU is valid, and you won’t be facing year back this time. Do attend classes and finish the labs now as this can save a lot of time later. We will keep you updated every day on VTU results page, and as soon as we get the update from varsity, we will let you guys know.

That is all we have got to say.



33 thoughts on “A request to VTU crash course students

  1. Guys reval dates for crash semester announced 28 march to 31 march….any num of sub can b applied…go ahead guyss all d best

  2. It’s a humble request from all the crash course students tht please cancel year back system for crash course students as v got only one chance to write our 5th semester​subjects with tht if we had 2nd year backlog then also we didn’t get chance to write them during on crash course exams so please cancel year back for crash course students and also we are very thankful for vtu for giving us a chance as a crash course ☺

  3. Plz cancel year back system.i Have only 1 sub to pass plz give us supplimetary or crash course sir supplementary exam our whole sem will be wasted sir plzplz do year back system cancel

  4. Pl give one supplementary exams for those who failed in only one subject in the 8th sem so that they they dont have to take exams in dec ..pl sir i request its aquestion of students life .pl do give ..likevthey do it in autonomousunivrsities

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