How valuation is going on in VTU and insight of VTU valuation process:

Recent issues raising in VTU really made students feel all is not well in VTU and suspension of Vice chancellor of VTU  and it’s plea of getting recognisation from UGC IS also rejected by University grants commission which made students worry about quality of education in VTU.

And most importantly student’s rage against strict evaluation from VTU and many complaints regarding this resulted in investigation of one-man-fact-finding committee which is headed by former High court judge K.N. Keshavanarayana which is investigating the scams and irregularIties in VTU and submitted it’s report to Governor Honourable Vajubhai vala resulted in suspension of vtu vice chancellor H.Maheshappa on March 14, and committee also glared at the susbstancial source of income by revaluation of answer booklets and re-totalling of marks.

In his report, Mr.Keshavanarayana clearly observed VTU VALUATION PROCESS is not up to mark and irregularities are clearly making revaluation is nothing but a source of income.

Since committee has recieved number of complaints regarding revaluation from students, the statistics furnished by VTU from 2001 to 2014, the committee has noticed a quantum jump in students applying for revaluation. Statistics are as shown below from VTU VALUATION PROCESS.

The total number of students applied for revaluation in 2008- 1,67,519.

The total number of students applied for revaluation in 2014-34,88,863.

So how much money VTU has collected from students in 2012-2013: 22,25,00,000 (22.25 Crores)

How much money VTU has collected from students in 2013-2014: 26,29,00,000 (26.29 Crores)

But these statistics are indicated a doubt on VTU VALUATION PROCESS and it had not helped students in improving academic scores as well as satisfaction.

Also a large number of students who applied for challenge revaluation during 3rd,4th,5th,6th semester examinations on 2010, passed on account of marks assigned in the challenged revaluation as the difference of marks between the first valuation and revaluation second time, this issue is raising a question whether VTU really revaluates student’s answer scripts or not 🙁

But from the facts made available to the fact finding committee Mr.Keshavanarayana concluded by saying ‘The fact remains that all is not well in the evaluation system of VTU. The university authorities are required to take note of all these factors and revamp the system otherwise it would have a great impact on the quality of product coming out of the university and it may also affect the future prospects of honest and sincere students if lesser merited students are allowed to get higher percentage of marks by making use of the lacunae in the system”