why do we fail in vtu exams


Howdy VTU souls!
Only few days left to see our results,i think it’s time to confess WHY DO WE FAIL IN VTU EXAMS?
This is one the most haunted question for a VTU student,because we all have failed in VTU semester exams,numerous times,but we don’t know why 🙁
Let’s find out now.What is it which lacks in us to fail in semester exams?
1.Is it in-suffiecient knowledge toward a subject?
2.Is it not enough good answers of ours in examinations?
3.Is it negligence of lecturers who valuate our answer papers?
4.Is it twisted questions of VTU which we fail to answer properly?
5.Or last one,but funny one,is it our nicatation act which makes us to say “let’s write this subject next semester?”
To find out the real answer now,we have to dig in deep in to our mind-sets towards examination.How many of us really study for exams unless our lecturers remind ‘X number of days left for exam,atleast start studying now’.Do we really study even after they remind us?
I don’t think so,We start to study only when fire ignites in our minds when there is only few weeks or days left for exams,we study day and night continuosly but when result comes ‘History repeats!’,again our marks beg us to apply for revauation!
We wait for revaluation results more curiously,revaluation system of VTU is like lucky draw,Those who have ‘luck’ will pass,remaining students should again study that subject with no interest and a lot of burden.
For students in 1st semester VTU results are utter shock,we all maintained distinctions and atleast first class results in SSLC and PUC,but in VTU we just want to pass with atleast ’35’
I have heard many students say ‘Let this sem be over dude! I will start studying from next sem,no more bunks’.But how many of us follow that?
So what we should do to get ’35’?
One and only answer ‘HARDWORK’.I’m sorry if that answer disappoints you,but there is no other way,instead of studying day and night during exam times we can study everyday by making our own notes which will be definitely student friendly during exams.

Do not ignore internals marks,it is easy to score in internals,but not in externals!

1.Study everyday,as much as possible.
2.Do not bunk classes,you might get confused about subject,if you bunk feel free to ask your friends to know about that topic and clear your doubts right away.
3.Your internals marks are very important.If you want to score good marks,do not mess with your lecturers,if you are failed to get 15 average then forget about passing the subject.It’ll become nightmare.So keep it in mind internals marks should be ’15’ at any cost.
4.Practicals fetch you good marks too,good co-ordination with lab attendent is definitely help you out during externals:p
5.During externals do not dare to study new topics,be perfect in what you study,valuators usually expect us to write short and neat answers
What if you already have backlogs?
1.If you already have backlogs,first thing you should do is not to panic.There are thousands of students who fail in every semester.Do not worry,try to clear it next semester by studying from first day.
2.Always mind one thing,It is you who should clear a subject within 4 attempts,so ‘NOW OR NEVER’.
3.Instead of giving one more try for subjects in next semesters,try clearing it right away.so that you can concentrate on subjects of only one semester.
4.Backlogs are meant be passed not to be scored.Prepare for 3 units perfectly.And try reading imporatnt questions from remaining 2 units.
5.Most important one,underline your answers,all they have is just 2 mins to valuate your paper,they do not read each and every line of your answer,block diagrams and equations are gonna stand in first place for them.
Hope this post helped you.


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  1. Hyy bro shravan…m manohar…i got yb in first year only…m very poor in maths…and i hav average of 12 in m2 n m totally confused topass in m2…if u hav any idea r trick to pass in m2 means please suggest me…if i get pass thn surely i will send u cheese burst pizza n a diet coke…help me bro …

    1. Okay, here we go bro, first thing is, try to find out why did you flunked in 1st year? And why did you flunked in math-2?
      Yes, I have failed numerous times, and failing in perticular subject doesn’t matter at all, what you gotta do is to find out the reason for that and how you will get over with it.
      Ok, I had studied M-2 and cleared in first attempt, so I think I can answer you. Actually M-2 is not that tough subject bro, if you have something in your mind like, M-2 is toughest subject as some SO-CALLED seniors say, it is totally wrong.
      This is what you gotta do:
      Just download question papers of M-2 or write down via scanner.
      Start from first unit: Take KSC text book and go from first problem, most importantly method and practice is what matters here, I know it is hard to understand each problem, but once you know the method, it’s a cake walk brother. 🙂
      After solving problems one by one, write down all formulas, don’t leave even one method for first 3 units, wrote down formulas and memorise.
      After that, once you become pakka in formulas, start making your own short notes, means only one problem per mothod, means if you look at that perticular problem, you should remember the whole method, like this, do for all problems, and study 3 units pakka, and remaining 2 units partially, and memorise formulas in those 2 units too.
      If you still need help, contact me on facebook, I will help you. 🙂
      Have a good day brother 🙂
      PS: Cheese Burst Pizza isn’t my thing :p

      1. Last sem I wrote gd in c cycle bt I was nt passed and by waitng for rv I not learnt anything and in my rv result there is no changes I dnt knw y bt I hve 4 back locks I dnt wnt to loose 1yr and by hvng confidence I have not paid for reexm nd yesterday n8 I got my results I wrote maths bt I was not prepared so i wrote bad and electronics is the only othr subjct frm my last sem which I applied for exm wt shall I do now totally confused

        1. Just don’t panic,concentrate on the upcoming exams,do well in p cycle.Forget about c cycle results for a while and prepare for the next exam.you can clear the back subjects in next sems but don’t fail in a single subject in p cycle try to pass in all the subjects .Hope you do well.

    2. Sir I completed my degree but I have,,,, one back subject that is Design of machine element 2,,,,tyts of 6th sem Plz tell me,,,,, if m degree holder or not,,,,, one time I got 31 but not cleared in revolution,,,, and dis time I got 23 I will apply for the revolution,,,,, and photo copy,,,, if the valuator,,,, makes irresponsible valuation means,,,,,, can complete to vtu,,,, and where I get the justice

  2. Bro I have year back on 1st year n my difficult sub is m2 so when I wrote dis tym question paper was dam tough n it was out of textbook so I’m kind of scared whether I’ll pass or no

  3. Hiiii bro……i have 5backs in cbcs scheme it means year back now i applied for revaluation……..i want to score more marks plz tell gys how to stdy.?

    1. engineering is not meant for non serious ppl like u, try some other career option rather than somehow completing engineering in 7 yrs and remaining jobless after that.. you are whats wrong in vtu! being a final sem cs student i can say with absolute certainty that i didnt found any subject till now in my B.E. in which u cant even score 35. You all dont attend classes regularly, waste time through out sem, not score even 15 in internals, and a night before exam u open textbook and hope to pass!!

  4. Hiiii bro……i have 5backs in cbcs scheme it means year back now i applied for revaluation……..i want to score more marks plz tell gys how to stdy.?

  5. m2 exam yavatara pass agabeku anta gottagtilla dayavittu yavatara pass madbeku anta tamm tamma abiprayagalannu heli egagale nanu 2 sari yb agbittiddene reson is m2 gate

  6. Bro,i don’t have minimum internal marks in maths.so…uh..I want to clear that in this sem only.basically iam in 1sem,maths1.how much I want to score for just pass

  7. Hello bro, I am 1sem student please give me some tips to attend vtu exams and I am weak at basic electrical engineering subject .please help to get out of it

  8. Is it a big thing if you get a back in Mathematics once? I cannot stand the subject and owing to the previous semester that is third( for which the results hv not yet come

  9. What happens if we get a backlog in the 7th semester , which we have taken as elective?? Do we get a different colour marks card ?? Any problem to the degree certificate??

  10. i m cbcs student . i have a average of 7 in internals . if i get 28 in externals will i clear the subject? please reply

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