VTU exams will not be postponed

[email protected] 07:33 PM 22/12/2019

As per the sources registrar has confirmed that the exams of VTU will not be postponed and students need not to panic.

We are getting many queries from students that tomorrow, i.e., on 23rd December, 2019, more than 20 organisations have took the permission from the police in Bengaluru to protest and we suspect it might affect the examination process. We have forwarded the same query to VTU as well and waiting for the update. Kindly wait and check back.

(OLD UPDATES)We have received one more circular from registrar just now, which says that exams scheduled on 21st have been postponed as well due to curfew and protests in Mangalore.

Here is the official circular:

We just had a word with vtu registrar few minutes ago, he confirmed that all exams scheduled tomorrow will be postponed and VTU will issue a circular on this soon.

Don’t check for circular now, cause there isn’t one and it will be issued tomorrow only, this news can be believed as we heard it directly from Registrar.

Check VTU results

VTU time table


So we cannot expect any postponement of examinations.

We have still received no updates from VTU, we can only expect a reply from officials in the morning and confirm whether examinations will be conducted or not.

Since section 144 has been imposed over major parts of the Karnataka, it is unlikely that exams will be conducted under this situation, since there is no communication from VTU on this, we shall wait. But in Kalaburgi holidays are declared.

As we all are observing recently, there was an incident occurred in Jamia university where students were manhandled by police when students protesting against the CAB. This led to nation wide protests and all left parties of the country has given call for the Bharath bundh on 19/12/2019.

Since exams are scheduled for the VTU students, it is still unclear whether vtu is going to take a call and postpone the examinations.
Though postponement of examinations is not a new thing in VTU, we are yet to receive a response from VTU on this manner.
Students are expected to stay calm and concentrate on exams while we continue to get a response from VTU as soon as possible.

Students are also advised not to believe rumors, once we get an official update on the examination postponement we will update it here.


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  1. 3rd sem 2018 scheme maths paper was postponed due to curfew which was on 20th Dec …. Sir, please keep 18MAT31 on 28 Dec 2019…. No one has exam on this date in vtu……

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