cbcs revaluation process 2016

Well results of 1st and 2nd semester of CBCS scheme has been now announced. Those who are not satisfied with their grades now planning to apply for revaluation. But before that here I have gathered some important things before you apply for revaluation since the sceme is completely different unlike for previous batch students.
For students studying under 2010 scheme including for students of 2014 scheme revaluation process is a lot favorable towards students. Because in this scheme if a student is secured some ‘X’ marks, even after revaluation his marks will be considered as ‘X’ only even if he get less marks. Because better marks will be choosed no matter whether he is failed or passed in revaluation.

Example 1:
Ravi kumar has secured 30 marks in a subject. After revaluation he will get 35. So 35 will be choosed since it is better than 30.

Example 2:
Ravi kumar has secured 35 marks and since he is not satisfied with his marks, he will apply for revaluation, even if he get 30 marks in revaluation VTU will consider only 40, since 40 is better than 30.
But in CBCS scheme this process is completely removed and not at all in favour of students since in revaluation your marks can even get decreased and there are chances that you might get failed too!
Yes, you read that right. For Instance lets take,

Example 1:
Ravi kumar has got 35 and when he apply for revaluation he will get 40, so that his new marks 40 will be considered as final marks.

Example 2:
Ravi kumar has got 35 and when he apply for revaluation he will get 30, but his marks will not be considered as 35 just like 2010 scheme, but his result will be declared as “FAILED
Yes he actually passed in his results, but failed in revaluation!
Only difference between both schemes is:
2010 Scheme: Either you will get passed or same marks will be retained.They can’t fail once you are passed.
CBCS Scheme: Either you will get passed or you can even get FAILED.
Now all students of CBCS scheme will get in to a dilemma about whether they should go for revaluation or not.
Well, I will guide you through.
*Just take a your results sheet and count for how much marks you have written and how much marks you had expected and how much marks you got. (Yes, grades!)
*If you got 35 in any subjects and willing to go for revaluation, think again! Make sure you have written well before opting for revaluation. Because revaluation will be done from the lecturers who served as specific subject lecturer for minimum 5 years experience. There are some chances that you might get failed.
*If you are confident about your marks and not satisfied with valuation go ahead. You will surely pass.
*But don’t simply apply for revaluation even if you are passed and got 35. Lecturers has shown a mercy on you pal!
*Most importantly “Something is better than nothing” right?
I really don’t want you people to regret after revaluation process.
Make sure you won’t bluff like
“Shit dude! I shouldn’t have gone for revaluation, I had passed 🙁 now I should study and write this subject again in next semester”
You have been warned!



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  1. Y vtu people wants to make money buy failing students and making members of vtu pocket fill students cures want prosper ur life iditios of vtu

  2. Dear vtu please correct the paper correctly and sincerely. U dirty people playing wit students life by failing even though they wrote well. If u want money take in the name of fees only. Not through revaluation. U also killed many students by giving wrong results..

  3. for vtu all teachers,, please check the answer sheet properly.. its one student life.. ur one negligency will take one student life… younger generation will not think coollely ..they will take suddent action to die.. so please think,,,

  4. Rv results are not correct.. I have photocopy answers was correct bt they given 0 and Same marks given in Rv results..

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