Classes and exams will be conducted only for final year students

As per the latest media reports and reliable sources, once the lockdown is over, in order to maintain the social distancing it is said that only final year students will be taken into an account to conduct classes to finish the chapters and conduct exams.
This step is to ensure that social distancing is maintained even after lockdown is over. Since final year students may be stuck for another year if exams aren’t conducted, high education ministry, as well as universities, have decided the conduct the exams for final year students for all graduation and post-graduation courses.

This move from universities and vice-chancellors came into light as last week higher education minister Dr Ashwath Narayana conducted a video conference with all college and university delegates.

Though this move may change in upcoming days if the number of cases drops drastically and as of now universities delegates as well as higher education officials considered to include the only final year students for the classes and examinations.


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