Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and trying to kill time to its fullest,
Here is an update about the latest changes of dates in the commencement of colleges.
Even though it’s known to us a few days back, we were skeptical about it, cause we don’t want to post something and later make you guys feel disappointed. PERIOD.

So now it’s official and VTU announced this on the website.

The news is that re-opening dates of all Engineering colleges affiliated to VTU has been postponed to 13th of February 2017!

Hell yeah! That’s a good news.

giphy (1)

Here is the screenshot for lazy sloths :p


Here is the link of notification for those who question the authenticity.


(Oops, the official site is down since the extinction of dinosaurs but it’s back now!)

We have received many queries from students asking about reopening dates of colleges, since this time it’s complete different scenario due to crash course for year back and critical students, VTU can’t let us into colleges as crash semester is going on another side, it’s also not possible to start classes excluding our friends in crash course,
So according to inside source of VTU, crash course exams are scheduled for Feb 2nd week and once their exams are finished, colleges will start for regular students, ie., from 13th February.
So till then, have a blast and enjoy your holidays.

I know, you would spend your holidays in vain and would be worrying about your results, but come on you can’t change anything now, instead of that, be productive and do something which might be useful for your near future.

So one thing is sure, it will take another few weeks for the commencement of odd semester and till then, keep an eye on VTU results post, we will get back to you with results dates soon.