Confusing statement by VC: No problem in VTU to conduct examinations in August 2020.

Due to corona, we can see the entire world shut down to maintain social distancing. Malls and cinema halls, as well as universities across the country and state, have been shut down from more than a month.
In a situation like this Vice-chancellor of VTU gave a confusing statement quoting there won’t be any problem in VTU if exams are conducted in August as normally VTU used to conduct examinations in June.

But the problem here is the students who have not attended any classes since the beginning of the lockdown. Most of the colleges have never conducted any kind of online classes and even if they have, students who don’t have good internet connectivity can never make use of it.

Despite knowing all this, Vice-chancellor seems to care only about the schedule but not the future of students which is definitely uncertain at this point.
Even with a properly planned academic schedule, it is not possible most of the time to cover the vast syllabus of VTU, and talking in a situation like this?
There has been a discussion about conducting examinations online, but since rural students do not have access to good internet, this was ruled out in a recent conference.
We are amazed how easily it took vice-chancellor to say that there be any issues to conduct examinations and students waiting for a further move by VTU.


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