Writing is truly an art form, and like any art form, it takes time, practice, and effort to grow into a skilled practitioner. Of course, for most students, writing isn’t exactly something they have the time or interest for, so reaching a level of skill in essay writing were you knockout each assignment in an hour may be off the table for you. Chances are you won’t write enough essays in your education stint to truly master the form to that degree, but what you can do instead is follow these easy tips to vastly improve your essay no matter what your level of ability is.

  1. Know the Topic and Stay on It

Nothing will bring a paper down faster than being off-topic. Essays are always about something in particular, so if you fail to write about what the professor wanted, you’re already doomed to fail no matter how good the execution or argument is. You’d be surprised at how many students miss the actual topic the professor wanted them to write on. If you’re even the slightest bit confused on what exactly you’re supposed to be writing about, clarify it with the teacher without hesitation.

That said, if you are absolutely sure about the topic you’re supposed to write on, be sure to make the entire paper relevant to that topic from start to finish. Don’t allow any of your arguments or points to turn into tangents not directly related to the main question. While you should always make use of relevant information, you must always tie it into the main question at hand. An entire paragraph that strays too far from the main topic of the essay will cost you a significant amount of points.

  1. Make your Point and Move On

This tip is a little difficult to point into practice. As far as academic writing is concerned, you should generally be brief and concise in all of your points and supporting arguments. The professor expects you to say what needs to be said and move onto the next point. However, most essay assignments in school also have expected word limits or number of pages that the paper must be to even be accepted. This often leads to students dragging out their points, arguments, or even sentences in general just to fill in the space they need.

This leads to the conflict of trying to be concise while also reaching a certain length, and there’s no easy way to rectify this conflict other than actually putting in the work. Professors often choose very broad, open-ended research topics so that there will simply be enough to talk about in your paper to reach the length they desire. This means they obviously expect you to do enough research to make concise arguments and still reach that length.

There’s no real way to get around this. The professor will definitely be able to tell if you simply stretched out the length of your paper by adding useless fluff and no actual substance. If you reach the length they desire though such a method, the paper will be accepted, it will certainly not receive a high grade. If you really want to write an amazing paper, you have to put the work into understanding the topic at hand.

  1. Using the Right Words

One of the things that cripple the score of most students that are just interested in getting a paper done as fast as possible is the fact that the professor can often tell that they have no idea what they are talking about. This ties into the earlier sentiment regarding the fact that you will have to put the time and effort into research if you want to write a truly amazing paper worth an excellent grade.

Most of the time, the topic you are required to write on will possess many of its own terms, its own vocabulary and words that are related specifically to the field of the topic. If none of these ‘buzzwords’ can be found in your paper, the professor can often tell that you are simply filling in space to the best of your abilities, mostly because you didn’t adequately research the topic at hand.

There is, once again, no real way to get around this without doing the work. But that is to be expected. If you want to get a good grade in any kind of academic assignment, it is practically guaranteed that you will have to commit to the work and time required to make that happen. Be sure to conduct enough research to not only sound like you know what you’re talking about but to prove it as well.

  1. Assistance from Outside Sources

Admittedly, getting an excellent grade on your English 101 essay is something you will have to commit to if you really want to do it yourself. There’s no avoiding that truth. However, there’s always the option of enlisting the aid of an online service to do it for you if you just don’t have the time to write a paper yourself. There is one such online service that you can trust and rely on in regards to receiving high-quality work for a reasonable price. If you value your time and effort enough to pay for a solution to your writing assignment, you can rely on AdvancedWriters to write an excellent essay for you by a team of expert academic writers.