Everything you need to know about VTU crash course and accelerated semester

These are the normal questions which might be hindering you. I have seen many guys asking their doubts via comments and I couldn’t answer all of them. So I tried to answer all questions from what I have known so far.

Go through these and in case of any doubts and dilemmas, please contact your college examination centre or VTU help line for more details.
1. Does it applicable to 2014 batch students?
Yes, it does applicable to 2014 batch students as they also come under 2010 batch from 3rd semester. SO THIS IS APPLICABLE TO 2014 BATCH STUDENTS TOO.

2. Does it applicable for both year back and critical year back students?
Yes, it is applicable for both year back and critical year back students who already lost one year and writing exams in this December seeking the admission for next academic year. So the catch here is you should already got year back by more than 5 subjects or critical subjects, you are eligible to this crash course only if you clear those backlogs.

3. I have more than 5 backlogs, should I clear all 5 backlogs or just 1 backlogs to get eligibility?
Well, to get eligibility you should clear just 1 backlog, but to stay safer side, try to clear all backlogs.

4. I have both critical subjects as well as more than 5 backlogs, how many backlogs should I clear?
To get eligibility?

 You should not have even one critical subject and more than 4 normal backlogs.

5. When should I submit the application form?
Since the circular has not reached all the colleges, there is still ample of time and do not worry about this as of now. I will update this soon. At this moment your priority is about passing the backlogs and getting eligibility.

6. My exam dates are shuffling with crash course, what should I do?
You don’t have to worry about this, the schedule is tentative and you can easily attend exams as well as crash course. Even if you absent for crash course for few days and attend the examination, there will be no problem.

7. My college officials saying that the circular is fake, what should I do?
You don’t have to worry about the circular as this is posted in official website. So please wait till it reaches all Engineering colleges all over Karnataka and it won’t take more than a day or two.

8. Where should I download the application form to submit to my college?
As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about this, I will upload the application form soon. Or you can download below image and get a printed copy.image

9. Due to some personal issues I may not be able to write examinations, what should I do?
We are sorry but VTU is strictly not allowing the students who are not attending this examinations. You should write this examinations at any cost and get eligibility.

10. Does this applicable for only this year or for next year also?
This is the most asked question so far. But this system is exclusively applicable only for this year as the students approached VC and NSUI brought all these changes. So do not expect this is to happen again.

11. Does this applicable for students studying MCA, MBA and CBCS scheme under VTU?
This is not applicable. We are sorry. But applicable to B.Arch.

12. How much is the fee for crash course?
This is not primary concern as they will decide only after you get eligibility. UNTIL THEN YOU CAN ATTEND CRASH COURSE.

13. Does this applicable to B.Arch students?
Yes, it does applicable to B.Arch students too.

I hope your doubts are clear now. Else comment below, I will answer it.


219 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about VTU crash course and accelerated semester

  1. i have back logs of 2nd sem no.am in 4th sem i have written the exams.if i dont pass in those 1st year sub.can i join crash course now??is it der dis year also??

  2. Sir dis year I am writing 2010 scheme exam..if I got pass I will enter into 15 scheme..if I had more than 4 backlogs this sem also means if I get crash course this year

  3. is the supplementary exam are only applicable for non-eligible student? I failed in 1 subject in 8th semister, is it possible to clear it in same year by supplementary exam?

  4. Sir I have completed my engineering and my 8th Sem results are out but I have backlog in 1 subject of 6th sem . May I have a chance to clear it through crash course.

  5. I am student of 2012 batch. I was eligible for attending class of 5th semester laat year. Due to financial problem I was not able to join class and missed that crash examination too. what will be the next?

  6. Frst i was a non cbcs student, i hav lost a year n nw im a cbcs student. I hav appeared for both the gate subjects n the regular subjects. I’ve already got my gate subjects results which reveals i hav lost another year!! I dont want to loos my another year please do apply crash or supplymntry even for cbcs scheme pleaseee….
    Wont u feel u people are playing game wid students life?? And why this partiality between cbcs n non cbcs students?? Pleaseee do conduct crash or supplymentry for us n please save our lives PLEASE…

  7. I have 5 backlogs now,I have applied for revaluation also..My doubt is…Is there crash course is there for 2015 scheme students of cbcs???

  8. Heyhey!!pls do answer!i got year bck but i m frm 15 scheme so now as i m continuing my 3rd year with 17 scheme ppl.the real prob for attendance list or marks list nor my name is der with 17 scheme or 15 scheme.Wat the real fuck.seriouslyv rlike left out now.So during placement ll v be lesft out??????????

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