Exam or no exam clarification for VTU students

Recently UGC released a circular which mentioned following points which created many confusions among the students and in this article we will try to clear all of them:

As per the circular of UGC:

  1. Colleges shall open from the 1st of August for present students who are already studying in engineering colleges and new students batch shall be open from September.
  2. UGC also clarified that conducting exams are left to universities and it can be either online or offline. Universities may act on the behalf of UGC and take the necessary measure to provide the fair opportunity for all the students.
  3. UGC also said, for the academic year 2020-2021 classes will be held 6 days a week, i.e. from Monday to Saturday.
  4. If university is not able to conduct the examinations, it shall adopt the method where 50% marks are considered from the internal assessment and remaining 50% shall be considered from the performance of previous semester.
  5. The timing duration of the examinations may be altered and reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours and also social distancing should be maintained all times during examinations. We are still skeptical how this can be implemented.
  6. UGC also suggested one more point which says, if previous semester marks are not available in the case of first year students, university can consider the internal assessment to provide the grades.

Last but not least again UGC made a point that it is left to universities to chalk their own plan ignoring any of the points mentioned above.

So at the end of day, it’s call of VC and other members of board of studies and executive council.


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