News about AICTE scrapping 75% mandatory attendance rule in engineering colleges

There are some circulars being shared over social media that AICTE now removed the 75% attendance criteria for all engineering colleges. Well, students are certainly happy about this move. But we are sure that this is not possible as the circulars we received are the fake one which says as follows.

ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (A Statutory Body of the Govt. of India) Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
F.No. 10-1/AICTE/P&AP/MoU-AICTE/2018 Date: 17/01/2018
To, All Directors/Principals of AICTE approved institutions Subject:- Scrapping of 75% Attendance Rule and introducing Vocational Projects Dear Sir/Madam,
You are aware about the growing unemployability of Engineering Graduates in our nation has become a serious issue for students as well as technical firms and companies based in India. According to latest statistics and data from National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation and AICTE carried out in late 2017 about 57.43% of Engineering Graduates from various technical institutes across the nation remain unemployed due to lack of skill and continuous rote learning to clear the graduate level examination.
Moreover 75.93% of Engineering Graduates are unable to code in any of the programming languages even after basic programming courses being a mandatory in the AICTE approved curriculum during initial semesters of B.E./B.Tech Programme. Rote Learning and Cramming remains popular across the students of these institutions to clear examinations.
To address the declining employability of over 12 Lakh Engineering Graduates, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has decided to to scrap the 75% attendance rule w.e.f. 18/01/2018 due to inability of updating the syllabus on new technologies and advancements regularly. Students of B.E./B.Tech or equivalent programme have to submit a Vocational Project related to their Hobby or Subject each semester for a “Hands On” Experience to develop employability in various sectors of our Economy. Failure in submission of Vocational Projects each semester and 3 Mandatory Internships would result in refusal to issue the Equivalent Degree.
Institutes must make provisions to :-
•Avoid Plagiarism in Vocational Projects •Provide Internships to Students in/or before their Final Year •Upload/Preserve Vocational Projects till the Degree is Awarded
Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) will be conducting workshops to make students and faculties aware about the latter for smooth transition towards the updated curriculum. Detailed Documents will be made available on and
Directors/Principals are advised to make necessary arrangements in their institutions.
Prof. G.K. Gokhale Advisor Policy & Academic Planning Bureau.

So we had decided to contact AICTE regarding this and as expected this is another fake circular and AICTE also stated that they have decided to file a case in cybercrime due to this.
Students are expected not to believe this.
AICTE also issued a new notification on this which can be found here.

Official AICTE circular on scrapping 75% attendance rule can found below.


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  1. Bro tell me the exit scheme rules
    I’m in confusion
    If I did not get eligibility in Dec exams
    Am I able to attend the 8th sem exams in June & projects ,seminar
    Pls clear my doubt

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