NO, VTU won’t promote students, no decision on it yet.

Recently there has been a lot of discussions going on regarding the examinations, as per the outcomes of the video conference of the HRD minister, it has been said that the examinations will be there for only final year students and all other students will be promoted based on internal marks.

But we want to tell students clearly that it is up to respective universities to take the decision, but since many VTU students contacted us asking whether this is the case with VTU or is there a possibility of modification in this. We had called the registrar of the examination on this issue and here is the conversation:

VTUsouls: As per UGC guidelines it has been said that exams will be conducted only for the final year students and other students can be promoted directly, is this true?

Registrar: UGC guidelines are clearly written that it is advisory, and it is up to universities to take the decision. It will be decided by the honorable education minister as well as vice-chancellor.

VTUsouls: When this decision is expected?

Registrar: There will be a meeting tomorrow, i.e., on 1st June 2020, something may come out of it tomorrow.

So we expect all the students to study properly since no decision has been made yet on this


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