Recent VTU circular gave clarification regarding the exit scheme as follows:


Who are eligible to this exit scheme?

  1. The students who already registered last time, and also students who didn’t register but eligible last time and admitted to parallel classes.(These students should register this time, enquire in your college for more details).
  2. CBCS students are not eligible.

Sub: Clarifications for admission to 7th semester Non-CBCS under One Time Exit Scheme for the academic year 2018-19office Notification

In continuation to the above cited notification (Copy enclosed), many students and Principals have asked for clarifications and hence, the following clarifications are given in respect of admission to 7th semester under One Time Exit Scheme for the academic year 2018-19.
Clarifications to Clause H (4) page No. 2 in respect of applicability is as follows:

  • The students who were eligible to 5th semester and admitted under parallel classes during the academic year 2017-18 and were not registered under One Time Exit Scheme to 5th semester (Non-CBCS), such NON-CBCS students (who are not eligible to 7th semester during the academic year 2018-19) are permitted to register for One Time Exit Scheme at 7t11 semester level during the academic year 2018-19 under NON-CBCS scheme only.
  • The List of Registrants for 7th semester (Branch -wise) during the academic year 2018-19 along with registration fee of Rs. 500 (consolidated fee shall be paid online. visit website and relevant documents as cited in above referred Notification shall be submitted on or before 31-08-2018. 3. All other clauses of this office notification referred above to followed without fail. This is not applicable to Autonomous Colleges under VTU system.
  • By Order, End: Format Of Affidavit, Registration Form Sd/- REGISTRAR VTU, BELAGAVI
    To, The Principals of All Engineering Colleges (Constituent/Affiliated) to VTU, Belagavi Copy to: Copy FWC’s to: Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, through the Sec. to VC, Registrar (Evaluation) & Finance Officer, VTU for information and Incharge Regional Directors of VTU RO’s for information & needful.

Official circular link: One time exit scheme circular.