Petition to Dr. Ashwath Narayan : Higher education minister

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The chief minister of Karnataka.
The higher education minister of Karnataka.
Chancellor of VTU.
Vice-chancellor of VTU.

Dear sir,
As students of engineering we have come to know that the examinations are scheduled shortly after syllabus are completed within May 30 as per your latest tweet and media reports.

We, as students are going through a very tough phase right now due to Covid-19 and this move by the higher education department and universities have disappointment us very much.

We would like to ask a few questions to the Visvesvaraya Technological University aka VTU.

1. How many colleges took an initiative in conducting classes online and how many students attended it?

2. How many colleges are taking time to finish the syllabus on time doing online classes?

3. It is not possible for all faculties to finish the syllabus on time during normal classes and we expect them to finish it via online classes?
How sane is it to expect the syllabus to be finished before May 31st?

The situation out there is worse than what we think it is. With so many people using internet from home, most of the students are totally dependent on mobile network data for online classes, since there is a shortage of bandwidth due to lockdown, it is practically impossible to attend the classes online and expect us to score good marks.

There is a drastic difference in learning while the lecturer is teaching in front of you and via video conferencing. There are a lot of issues in the process.

We are not ready for examinations and no certainly we are not mentally prepared for this.

In Maharashtra decision came in favour of students by allowing only final year students to appear for university exams and others to be promoted directly.

Why this can’t happen here, please let us know.

Please allow all other semesters except final students to get promoted to next semester considering our IA marks. This shall be the one-time exception.

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