State wide protests against VTU

The student’s organisations namely AIDSO and ABVP in the state of Karnataka calls statewide protest today at various location.
All the details of strikes and protests have been given below; students are expected to take part in protests and make it successful.

Previous day AIDSO conducted a protest in Bangalore involving many students studying under VTU and want their examination to be postponed as revaluation results are not announced.

AIDSO protests in Bangalore
AIDSO protests in Bellary.

And also AIDSO official committee took subsequent decision for students and asked students support in return.

Official Statement of AIDSO Bangalore district committee:

Say no to exam till revaluation results are out!
If one is looking for ingenious ways to generate an enormous amount of money, one
need not look further than VTU. Under the name of ‘this’ fee and ‘that’ fee,
VTU is out to rob, students and parents. After delaying exam results by three
months and not even providing time for revaluation results to come, VTU is
demanding students to pay fees for the revaluation, exams of backlog subjects
and regular examination.
In recent years the university administration is plagued with corruption and
mismanagement. Due to these ills, University is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Instead of cleaning the administration of its corrupt elements, VTU is
punishing students by virtually harassing and extorting money from them. The
results were supposed to be announced by March, but are being announced
now in May. Even to check the results online is a nightmarish task, thanks to
the ever busy VTU server. But those students who could manage to see their
results were shocked to find that they had failed in one or two subjects, while
they were expecting distinction! Also, thousands of students have their results
WITHHELD and these students are yet to know whether they have passed or
failed! They are now in a fix; they are forced not just to apply for these
subjects but also to study them once again along with the regular subjects!
Added to this, final semester students are dumbstruck to find their exams
scheduled with no gap between two subjects! One can imagine what a
tremendous pressure and anxiety those students might be going through now.
Rumours are that the answer sheets have been misplaced or might have been
lost. All this delay in announcement of results and indirect coercion to pay the
fee makes it more probable that VTU is deliberately failing students to fill its
coffer at the expense of students.
Various districts in the state are facing a severe drought. People are struggling
to manage bare survival. It would have been pertinent if VTU had waived off
the fees of students from such districts. But, on the contrary, VTU is rubbing
salt into the wound by increasing the exam fee by more than 115%!
Treating students as a source of funds has been one of the worst consequences
of the globalisation. Our freedom fighters considered education as an essential
part of the human life, and they wished it to be available for everyone in free
India. But our educational institutes are behaving like profit hungry
commercial entities, treating students like customers to whom they sell
degrees. This rampant commercialization of education has to be put an end to,
which can be done only through students’ united struggle.
In this regard, AIDSO demands VTU to
• Stop collecting examination fees until revaluation results are out.
• Roll back all kinds of the fee hike.
• Reschedule the exams with an adequate gap between two subjects.

ABVP is also called for the strike against VTU in Belgaum and the following notification from ABVP is viral on social media, students are expected to join ABVP and make it a huge success.

Date: 31/05/2017

Time: 11:00AM

Location: Opposite K.L.E Engineering College, Belagavi.

Bangalore ABVP also called students for protest with the following notification.

Date: 31/05/2017


Location: VTU regional office, Nagarbhavi.

Stay tuned for all updates regarding VTU, we will be back with latest news.


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  1. no exam till we VTU students get our complete results of revaluation and with held results plzz dnt play with students life so postpond the exam and give us our complete results as soon as possible

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