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UPDATED ON 14/06/2019 11:39 PM

Here are the updated rules regarding the year back scheme of 2015, 2016, 2017 schemes.

1) The Students of 2015 and 2017 Schemes and those who have switched to these schemes / switching to these schemes should not have more than 4 Fail Grades (F Grades pertaining to theory as well as practical courses) at any point of time for admission to any higher odd semester. (Critical subject won’t be considered).
2) For admission to 7th Semester B.E./B.Tech the students should have completed all the courses of first year. (2nd year subjects are of no trouble, again which means no critical subject is considered or GATE).
3) For admission to 9th Semester B.Arch. the students should have completed all the courses of first year and second year.
4) In case, CGPA is less than 5.00 at the end of the B.E./B.Tech. program, students are permitted to appear again for SEE in full or part of the corresponding previous semester theory course/s by rejecting the performance of them (other than internship, technical seminar, project and laboratories) for any number of times subject to the provision of maximum duration of the program, to make up the CGPA greater than or equal to 5.00 for the award of degree.


As AIDSO could gather from the Respected registrar of VTU, Mr. Jagannath Reddy, the nonCBCS students have been awarded the cancellation of the year back and a critical year back with some conditions.

Check below to know how to register for VTU EXIT scheme.

[button link=”https://vtusouls.com/updates/vtu-exit-scheme-register/” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] REGISTER FOR VTU EXIT SCHEME.[/button]

Around 19,500 students are expected to benefit from this decision.
While breaking this happy news we also are unhappy to say that CBCS students are given no relief! Meaning they are not spared from the cruel year back and critical year system.
We would like to congratulate the students on this historic victory and thank the vice-chancellor, registrar and executive council for this pro students decision. Even while thanking the Vtu authority, AIDSO earnestly appeals to vice chancellor to reconsider the decision about cbcs students and provide at least temporary succor to them.

Some conditions are applied and all conditions are given in below link.

Check all conditions here:

[button link=”https://vtusouls.com/updates/vtu-year-back-system-cancelled-current-academic-year/” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Check conditions![/button]

Update: Today ie., on 4th September 2017 students have met the board of studies members in Bangalore and explained their problems and demands.
Everyone of them understood the problem and responded very well as per the students. They assured that they will stand by students and outcome will be in students favor. Most of them appreciated our student movement and definitely, they will speak for the welfare of students.
And one important thing is, the board of studies meeting is postponed from September 5th to September 8th, as many of the members asked to postpone the meeting due to their busy schedule.
Students have met those who are in Bangalore, and other members will be covered by volunteers in next few days.

Protests are conducted in 28 districts of Karnataka and more than 170 colleges had shut down completely today participating in the bundh volunteering.

Some 20 and 30 colleges are partially supported.
As per the latest reports attendance is reduced to 80% today overall.

What is the outcome of VTU protests?
As we all know there was a principal meeting in Belgaum due to our protests from past one and half month. The outcome was in pending phase as there are several protocols to follow before issuing circular.
The outcome was POSITIVE and we wanted to push the movement to further for the fulfillment of every demand.
While doing the protest itself, we got the call from VTU authorities and they asked 8 days of time.
I know, you guys might suspect that they are simply buying time to suppress the movement.
But no, they can’t do it.
Trust me, the outcome was POSITIVE and we took the extreme step of bundh of all colleges to put pressure again.
And now there is a lot of pressure on VTU.
Calls are made from the higher education department, DCP, ACP, and education minister to sort out the issue ASAP.
So as per their request and as we already got the positive outcome, let us allow 8 days of time for them. 🙂

Are students going to stop all protests?
Nope, students will mobilize each and every other student from every engineering college in this time. They will do campaigning.
Students are sure that the outcome will be positive for sure after 8 days. 🙂
If not, students will proceed and do Jail burrow and the extreme step of movement will happen.
All engineering students who supposed to go to classes may have to go to jail and this isn’t good for our university’s reputation.

The issue has been telecasted from each and every news channel from morning to evening and even at 10:00 PM all news channels telecasted.
Thank you Public tv, tv9, suddi tv, Praja tv, Digvijaya tv, Samaya and other channels.

UPDATED ON 18/08/2017 09:00 PM

Thousands of students gathered in a rally which took place from City railway station to UVCE alumni hall and a massive number of students participated in the protest.

Students demanded following from university.

  • Remove YB and critical YB for Non-CBCS students(2010 scheme).
  • Give supplementary exams for CBCS students.

Update of 17/08/2017:

What happens in tomorrow’s protest?
August 18, 2017.
09:00 AM: All students are expected to assemble near the front gate of city railway station, Bangalore.
There will be a walking rally from city railway station to freedom park which begins at 09:30.
Placards and banners and leaflets, everything is set.
Arrangements are made for slogans shouting �
Police will accompany and yes permission is granted for this protest legally.
From city railway station we will proceed to UVCE alumni hall and gather there.
Intellectuals will speak about the issues in VTU and then we plan the next move there. Memorandum will be directly submitted to VC.
Let’s see if somebody from VTU shows up.
Good thing is, VC is in Bangalore.
So everybody makes sure that this protest reaches to education department by showing your presence.
Please please please do come.
Bring all your friends and parents.
We know what’s happening in our university, it’s our problem. Let’s solve it together.
AIDSO volunteers will be there along with us through out this protest.
Let’s show VTU what happens if they play with engineering students life.
Don’t be shy and please stay out of procrastination for just one day!
Let your voice be heard!

2 batches of students went for the press release regarding the recent issues in VTU on 2nd August 2017 and have contacted each and every media in the city and everyone responded positively.

vtu struggle committee
Media’s covered from both batches:
*Kasturi news 24*7
*Raj news (Couldn’t contact the chief editor today)
*Samaya news.
*Praja Vani.
*Deccan Herald.
*Indian express.
*Samyukta Karnataka.
*Public TV.
*Suvarna news.
*Btv etc,.

Both AIDSO volunteers and struggle committee members are doing everything they can and most of the media channels took a byte video of struggle committee students explaining the issue along with AIDSO volunteers.
Each and every media channels promised that issue will be addressed as they have come to the conclusion that the issue is serious and thousands of students are affected by this chaos.

On 26th VTU students’ meeting was held in Bangalore. AIDSO volunteers and hundreds of VTU students attended the meeting. Following decisions were taken in the meeting-

  1. Bangalore district VTU students’ rally and protest demonstration on August 18th.
  2. Remove YB and critical YB for Non-CBCS students(2010 scheme).
  3. Give supplementary exams for CBCS students.
  4. After the formulation of demands by students, “VTU Students’ struggle committee” has been formed consisting of around 40 colleges’ representatives.

vtu students meet vtu students meet vtu students meet

Memorandum will be submitted shortly by student organizations and students are expected to stay calm during the process as it takes a lot of time as exams are still going on, once exams are finished the issue will be looked by VTU.

A lot of students are having doubts regarding VTU’s year back system as well as VTU crash course which was introduced last year. Many people are approaching us to do something regarding this and most common queries are,

  • Is year back system going to get cancelled this time?
  • Is VTU going to continue crash course this year also?
  • Is VTU ready to give the crash course for students?

Well as of now, nope. It’s not cancelled yet and we are trying hard to do what we can in order to remove the year back system. Following is the petition which we have created in order to explain the issues to VTU, and we have not received any kind of updates from VTU yet regarding this yet. AIDSO is planning to organize the meet soon and students are expected to call the mentioned number and explain the issues.

Sign the petition from here.

[button link=”https://www.change.org/p/vtu-vice-chancellor-cancel-the-year-back-system-for-2010-scheme-and-cbcs-scheme” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Sign the petition now![/button]

The petition has gained more than 15,000 signatures and also several printing media’s came forward to give more exposure to this sensitive issue.

You can check following links for more info which was published by:

  1. The Hindu: Read full info here.
  2. Bangalore mirror: Read full info here.
  3. Ind read: Read full info here.

The petition which we have created has following content and here is the link to sign it.

Sign the petition from here.

[button link=”https://www.change.org/p/vtu-vice-chancellor-cancel-the-year-back-system-for-2010-scheme-and-cbcs-scheme” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Sign the petition now![/button]


Cancel year back system for all scheme and all batch of students for the academic year 2017.
As we all know, the central government tax ride on VTU resulted in an enormous financial burden for VTU and also it was speculated by national newspapers and Media’s that the VTU is at the edge of shutting down due to bankruptcy and economic breakdown.
The outcome affected around two and a half lakh engineering students whose results supposed to be announced in the month of February was delayed by almost six months, and even after the delay, some results were withheld and partial results for all semester results were announced only in July beginning.
But the chaos didn’t stop here, and VTU suddenly issued the timetable and expected students to write exams without announcing revaluation results. Only after students protests and media’s pressure VTU postponed examination for the duration of one week and final year students revaluation results have been fully announced just before the day of final year exams.
How can students study for exams without getting revaluation results?
The irony is, this continued for rest of the semesters and VTU Announced the other revaluation results just before the night of exams. That also results were uploaded in pdf files instead of updating in the database which created a huge mess in students and here also most of the student’s revaluation results were missing or withheld, and yes they wrote exams without even knowing their revaluation results.
Due to all these mess and chaos, we, students are indeed affected mentally, and we are not in a situation to bear all these irregularities anymore from University.
Even with an ample amount of time, it is not possible to score good marks in Engineering due to the vast syllabus and strict evaluation by VTU.
How can they expect us to study it announcing revaluation results just before the night of examination?
There are also reports and proofs which show that VTU didn’t evaluate answer scripts in revaluation and issued zero for some students who were expecting more than 80 marks. Still, many students aren’t able to check their results and most the photocopies applied by students are not sent to their emails.
All these issues are literally torturing students, and we are on the verge of giving up hope.
The crash course which was introduced to final year, third year as well as second-year students to save them from year back scheme six months back actually caused more trouble than any good.
All crash course students are now writing more than 16 subjects plus previous backlogs in a duration of just two months.
Most of the colleges didn’t follow the VTU guidelines, and no classes were taken. And they are supposed to write odd semester examination in study holidays for regular students and even semester examinations with regular students. So that will be eight subjects from odd semester plus eight subjects from the even semester as well as previous backlogs.
How is it possible to clear more than 16 subjects in a single attempt?
Even after the announcement of results still, there are hundreds of students whose results are still withheld. Nobody knows why their results are withheld even after seven months of examination.
Three are no guidelines regarding this anywhere on what to follow if results are withheld and missing. Some students results are shown as absent even though they have attended all the examinations.

And when it comes to the yearback system of VTU, which is one of the most cruel punishment for students to sit in home for one year. This leads to depression and mental torture from society. No students and lecturers are in favour of this system.
Since we are the only batch studying in old 2010 scheme and we are hopefully wishing to finish engineering in the same scheme without shifting to CBCS system, and since all these issues bothered students a lot, now we are expecting VTU to take following actions.
Considering all these irregularities as well as chaos, we students of VTU hoping VTU to
1. Cancel year back system for both crash course students as well as regular students for the academic year 2017.
2. Permit students to attend the classes for those who failed in critical subjects as we are the last batch to study to 2010 scheme.
3. Cancel year back system for CBCS students of 2017 batch.

Thank you.

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39 thoughts on “VTU year back system rules CBCS

  1. VTU must and should give supplementary exam for odd semester papers for crash course students.We have written exam only once unlike other regular students who got another opportunity to clear their odd sem backlogs while they wrote even semester papers also making it 2 times for them. Giving a make up exam for odd semester papers to crash course students is a must.

  2. Wat should people do who failed in crashcourse rv 2016-2017. Again wrting exam of 1 criti subject. Because of 5 marks i got yb lost 1 yr wat should i do.

  3. What about students who dint make up in revaluation results of Dec 2016(Crash course)
    We hav given exam again.. This time I’m surely going to clear my critical paper..
    Do I have the chance of getting supplementary exam??
    Will I be able to write exams without attending college again??
    Will my internals and practical exams marks which Iv already written vl be taken into consideration??
    And my project and seminars will it be considered??

  4. Sir please give a solution for crash course student who dont get eligibility in rv result…otherwise we can’t sit again & again in same class & we can’t do seminar &project again..so please give a suplementry exam for us…please please save our life.

  5. Am cbcs student of 5th sem.
    I have cleared all subjests of 3rd sem but have ONLY ONE BACKLOG from second sem ..
    So i am getting yearback because of criti system

  6. Am cbcs student of 5th sem.
    I have cleared all subjests of 3rd sem but have ONLY ONE BACKLOG from second sem ..
    So i am getting yearback because of criti system

  7. Dear Sir,

    VTU is suppose to be one of the prestigious university. But year after year it is loosing it’s popularity. Because of somebody else’s mistake (central government tax ride on VTU) all the students are facing problem. The students are asked to pay revolution fees and no answer script is sent to their mail. Even the revolution results were announced during the midnight and next day the student has to write his/her exams. Now CBCS scheme system introduced and portion were completed in hurry. Results are announced after enormous delay.Owing to the situation please cancel the year back system.

  8. Remove the yearback system and critical system as we all student suffered a lot and lost a year …..i m already a year back due to critical paper and again i got year back this time due to critical paper …so plz sir remove the year back and critical system plz …..

  9. What happened about yesterday’s meeting did anyone got any exact news about the decision….shravan plz do update about it…

  10. I think vtu just wasting time by asking time and talking like we r in meeting and we r approaching…why cant vtu understand the problem…

  11. Vtu always late while announcements of results if we ask they said we had a internal problem..

    At the same phase if students are also internal problem on the day of exam did vtu going to gave exam separately wr is the truth and above all they talking abt quality and they think like google and apple CEO’S are from vtu…

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