Well, after so many days finally VTU has issued a new circular regarding the confusion of students over the scheme which they are about to enroll in and confused about which scheme to study from upcoming year.

This is certainly a bad news for students, as most of the students are not happy with new CBCS scheme and want to get this system removed, but VTU issued a new circular recently quoting that upcoming batches as well as students who lost eligibility this time would be studying CBCS from next academic year. Yes, this certainly is a bad news as we said earlier.

If you are still confused about this, let me make this simple.

The issue with crash course students this time is that those who admitted before 2015-16 and those who got the year back again after attending the crash course this time, or those who couldn’t clear the critical subjects or have more than 4 backlogs, then obviously they will not be allowed to enter the semester this academic year. So those students have to study the upcoming academic year with CBCS scheme and not old scheme or also known as 2010 scheme.

Who will get affected from this?

  • Students who are failed to get eligibility this time for the third year in crash course.
  • Students who were studying in 2010 scheme and failed to get eligibility for the second year and third year.

Well, if you still have doubts, take a look at this official circular once.

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And when we contacted the official VTU helpline over the phone regarding the results of regular students as well as third-year crash course students, they didn’t seem to care much and gave us iconic reply of “THIS WEEK” as usual.

But since we know how to get the right info, according to the trusted sources which we have contacted before, crash course results of 5th and 6th semester will be announced this week and regular results would take more time.

If you want to know why this much delay, then take a look at why VTU results are getting delayed. 

If you still have any doubts, let me know in the comment below, I will get back to you guys.