So finally the students who were waiting for the crash course results can check their results soon in the official university website via below link which we provided at the end of the post.

Many students are having doubts in VTU crash course results announcement, and I have tried to answer the doubts in below section.

FAQ’s of VTU crash course students:

1. My results are not announced yet and showing that results are withheld. What should I do?

You don’t have to do anything, just be calm. VTU has mentioned clearly that the results which are withheld will be announced shortly and students need not faint about this.

Update: Mysore region results of 1st and 2nd semester students results has been announced, but ECE department results have been withheld due to unknown reasons. So please do wait few days, it will be announced shortly.

2. Is Revaluation is applicable to VTU crash course students?

Yes, both revaluation and photo copy system is applicable for VTU crash course students and this will be notified shortly once we get official information regarding this and you need not to worry.

3. Where should I check my results, why can’t I find results in official website?

You can check the results via below link which we have provided.


VTU crash course results

4. Which results are announced as of now?

Only first and second semester results of crash course students has been announced and some results including ECE branch students results are withheld.


5. From when I can apply for Revaluation?

Date is not specified by VTU, but yes we will update it as soon as possible.


6. I got failed in Crash course results, what should I do?

We can understand what you are going through, but don’t worry, there is still a hope. Do apply for revaluation. We really don’t guarantee you that it’s going to bring a positive result but don’t lose hope. Please don’t.


7. When will they conduct examinations for crash course students who have passed?

We really don’t know when, as we have no leads on this issue. But we will post the dates as soon as we get updates.