Submission of VTU exam forms in online Examination Applications format which has been started for December January 2018-2019 Examinations.
Students are advised to fill Online examination application forms in their colleges as early as possible before the deadline of 05/11/2018.

VTU exam fees for 2018-2019 examinations.

  1. For whole examinations (Per semester): 1295 Rupees for B.E and 1495 Rupees for M.Tech.
  2. For one subject per semester(Including marks card fees): 245 Rupees for B.E and 445 Rupees for M.Tech.
  3. More than 3 subjects(UG, per semester): 1295 Rupees.
  4. More than 4 subjects(PG, per semester): 1495 Rupees.

Who should apply for VTU exam form?

1. All students from PG/UG B.E./B.Tech including CBCS, Non CBCS and One time exit scheme students except freshers.

How to apply for it?

This will be done by your college authorities, hence you need not to worry. Contact your branch HOD’s, and they will guide you to respective faculties to apply. All you have to do is to pay the respective amount as per your backlogs mentioned at the end of the post.

What is the schedule for filling online examination application form?

  • Start date for filing of applications: 29/10/2018.
  • Last date for filing of applications: 05/11/2018.
  • Last date for filing of applications with penalty of 500: 12/11/2018 to 15/11/2018.
  • Generation of hall ticket: 28/11/2018 to 30/11/2018.
  • Correction in examination form: 18/11/2018 to 02/12/2018.

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Batch Creation and allotment UG/PG excluding Freshers

18/11/2018 to 22/11/2018: Practical batch list creation by colleges.
23/11/2018 to 23/11/2018 Approval of Practical Batches from ROS.
24/11/2018 to 28/11/2018 Practical examiner appointment.

Guidelines to Engineering colleges for examinations of 2018-2019

The schedule of events in respect of odd semester 2018-2019 are given here under. The
Principals of constituent and affiliated engineering colleges are hereby requested to instruct the concerned to follow the schedule meticulously.

  • Please note the following:
    Timely and error free data entry is essential to conduct exams.
  • Deadlines Will not be extended.
  • Principals are requested to issue necessary instructions so that the data entry begins from the first day and not crammed into the last few days.

Exam Form

  • After completion of data entry of examination application form, student must
    be given a print copy of the application which must be signed by the student.
  • Applications submitted and every edit of application Will be logged. Every request for change will be verified.
  • Any request to modify entered data can be done with the edit option.
  • Requests for editing exam form during the penalty period will attract penalty.
  • Requests for editing exam form after the closing date will attract additional penalty.
  • Student must be informed to verify subject codes, especially of backlog subjects, electives and open electives before submitting the data.
  • In the past, there have been requests from colleges to enter data of exam forms previously submitted by the students. Principals must ensure that, data submitted by the students must be entered without fail.
  • Students must be instructed to necessarily obtain a print of the application verify for correctness and sign the print copy.


Case 1: You are a regular with 8 subjects and 1 backlog from 5th semester and another 1 backlog from 6th semester, so your fees will be as follows:

Regular semester exam fee: 1200+75+20= 1295. (Regular exam fee + marks card fee of regular semester + application fee).

For the backlog from 5th semester: 150+75=225. (1 backlog paper + marks card fee).

For the backlogs from 6th semester: 150+75=225. (1 backlog paper + marks card fee).

So, total it will be: 1745.

Case 2: You are from EXIT SCHEME with 7 backlogs in which, 1 from 4th semester, 3 backlogs from 5th semester and 3 backlogs from 6th semester.

For the backlog from 4th semester: 150+75=225. (1 backlog paper + marks card fee).

For the backlogs from 5th semester: 150+150+150+75=525. (3 backlog papers + marks card fee).

For the backlogs from 6th semester: 150+150+150+75=525. (3 backlog papers + marks card fee).

So total it will be, 225+525+525+20=1295. (20 is application fee).

Normal regular exam fee: 1200.

Marks card fee of each semester: 75.

For backlogs: 150 per subject.

Application fee: 20.



1. URL: – for Bangalore Region (where the college
code starts from A to M (For Ex: 111A to 1MV)
2. URL: – for Bangalore Region (where the college
code starts from N to Y (For Ex: 1NH to 1YD)
3. URL: – for Belagavi, Kalaburagi and Mysuru Region
4. Examination application form can be submitted through Departmental Login.
5. Multiple login facility is provided.
6. Principals of respective institutions shall identify a coordinator for each branch
to enter applications received from the students.
7. The coordinators shall follow the instructions issued in the User Manual
8. After submission of application take a printout of application of each candidate
and retain a copy of the same with candidate’s signature.
9. The information in respect of Report generation is also made available in
the user manual.
10. Fee Structure for regular students:
a. Application Fee Rs. 20/- per candidate.
b. Examination Fee Rs. 1200/-. for Regular semester irrespective of number
of subjects and
c. Arrear Examination Fee Rs.150/- per subject for arrear semester to the
maximum of Rs.1200/- per semester.
d. Marks Card fee Rs.75/- per semester.

NOTE: Old batch students ie., 2006 batch from extension scheme supposed to pay 2000 per subject and maximum of 6000 per semester.