VTU exit scheme how to register

Most of us are having confusion regarding the VTU’s new EXIT scheme and a lot of students are asking us to write on a brief post regarding this. So here you go, guys.

What is E-stamp and where do we get it?

Don’t worry on this, there are many places who are doing this for full-time and Mini Vidhana Soudha in Yelahanka NES, is one such place. You need not to do anything but 350 rupees, they have all formats and everything ready with them, just pay 350 rupees and they will get it done including Notary signature from a lawyer.

Doubts regarding VTU EXIT scheme:

  1. How does an affidavit look like?

2. Should I submit an affidavit if my results are not announced?

Yes, you should!

The last date to submit affidavit is 21st and make sure you submit it even if your results aren’t announced. If your results are announced, you didn’t get eligibility, you will proceed with EXIT scheme and if you got eligibility, you will be sent to normal scheme and your fee of 2500 will be refunded.

3. How much is the fee for VTU EXIT scheme?

You have to pay 500 per semester. This doesn’t mean if you are supposed to pay 500 for each and every semester in which you have a backlog, for example, if you are now going to 7th semester, then you re supposed to pay 500 now and 500 again in 8th semester even if you have backlogs from the previous semesters.

4. When is last date to submit affidavit?

September 27th is the last date.

On a note, if you haven’t paid college fee do pay it in or before 21st. Tell them you’re from ONE TIME EXIT scheme and pay it.
Next, you need to pay ₹500. It’s like if you’ve backlog in 3rd Sem n 4th Sem you need not to pay 1k. It’s ₹500 for one full semester which you are going to register.
3rd Sem *500
4th Sem * 500 If you are going to 3rd and 4th sem with backlogs of 1st and 2nd semester, you need not to pay for backlogs of 1st and 2nd semester.
Dip math is not included because it can be cleared within course time.

Scenario 1:

What now if I’ve already paid the fee for ONE TIME EXIT Scheme but I’m eligible after results or revaluation results.?
And Write a letter n submit in the examination department of your college office they’ll find it out from board and refund it back once they send (if they send)
Now you’ll be considered as a regular student & you can regularly write exams. You’ll be complete outta One-time exit scheme.

What if I’ve already paid college fee.?

Write a letter requesting them to transfer your fee to one-time exit scheme n submit it. Pay 5K and come.

In upcoming Dec 2017 exam, you need clear your eligibility criteria & then write 7th Sem
Exam in the month of March/April.


What if you don’t get eligibility .?

U can attend even Sem classes, write your internal assessment, do your project work, complete your seminar but Your MARKS WILL NOT BE REPORTED TO UNIVERSITY until n unless you gain eligibility.
You cannot attend project exam if u haven’t gained eligibility.

Next this something called course completion period for REGULAR engineering students it’s 8 years & for LATERAL ENTRY it’s 6 years from YEAR OF ADMISSION else you’ll be given NFTC ( Non-Fit for Technical Course)


Credits: Akshatha Bharadvaj.

If you have any doubts comment below, I will resolve it.



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  1. So guys in this one time exit scheme where vtu has cancelled year back system .. and they r not allowing us to write 7th Sem paper unless v clear our creaty paper..(I am from 2010 batch what if v don’t get eligibility in dec/Jan exams ( will they give NFTC)


  2. From this one time exit scheme were vtu has cancelled year back system…And they r not allowing us to write 7th semester if we have critical paper of 3rd or 4th semester (I am also from 2010 batch what if I don’t have eligibility in Dec/Jan 2017 exam ) then will they give nftc …..Plz reply asap

  3. Sir now I am in 5th sem

    I am in normal scheme
    I have DS back
    If I didn’t clear in 6th Sem
    What should I do
    Then I will come to exit scheme are what

  4. I a m anil 2009 batch student . I have completed my 7th sem but left d college after 7th sem with 2 back subjects now I saw d one time exit scheme. Now can I complete my degree.

  5. I have got cleared with my 1st year exam and also registered with one time exit scheme should I go and attend class of 6th semester or I should only write 5th semester exam and wait for results. And how many backlogs should be there to enter 6th send.

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