VTU issued strict guidelines to colleges regarding examinations and covid 19 safety

VTU issued circualar to all colleges to follow the guidelines strictly and this is regarding the examinations and covid 19 safety instructions.

Please go through below one by one.

Date : 02 MAY 2020
To, All the Principals/Directors of Constituent, Affiliated and Autonomous Engineering colleges, Schools of Arch. and Chairpersons of PG Depts. under VTU

Sub: Points to be noted by the institutes during COVID Lockdown 3.0 period.

1.Guidelines received from UGC D.O. No. F.1-1/2020 (Secy)dated:29-04-2020.
2. MHA order No.40-3/2020/-DM-1CA dated: 01-05-2020.
3. Directions from GoK No. RD158 [)NR 2020 dated: 02-05-2020.
4. Approval from Hon’hle Vice Chancellor dated: 02-05-2020.

As per the directions of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and above references. following points are being brought to the attention of all the Principals/Directors of Constituent. Affiliated and Autonomous Engineering colleges. Schools of Arch. and Chair persons of PG Depts. under VTU.

  1. All the Principals/ Directors. Deans, HoDs / Chairpersons 1/3rd of the Teaching staff and 1/3rd of the non-teaching staff (by rotation) will have to report back to the institute and start functioning with effect from 4th May 2020 by following standard operating protocol (SOP) issued by MOHFW. In case of exigencies, the Institutes should take appropriate decision in this regard. Colleges should arrange for the duty passes from the Govt. authorities (if required).
  2. The teaching staff are required to review the online sessions done so far and also, required to continue the same up to 31st May.
  3. Faculty must maintain a substantive contact with students. Even after posting the lecture material online, faculty members need to maintain communication with the students and discuss course material with them on a regular basis.
  4. They should attempt to reach 100% of the students through various online or tele-modes.
  5. Demo videos of lab (Recorded visuals of laboratory experiments) Sessions be prepared and uploaded to the college website for the students. so that they could be prepared for practical examinations. Also, a library of c-content and lecture resources (notes) make available on college website. for each Semester. course wise.
  6. Colleges must collect and maintain the stay and travel history of all the employees during the COVID-19 Lockdown period (from 23rd March to 3rd May).
  7. The Academic and Examination calendar will he released shortly by the university. based on UGC guidelines and Directions from Govt. of Karnataka.
  8. Final year project work., involving lab. Investigations / field work/ fabrication work etc., may he finalized on the basis of secondary data. design details etc. The institutes arc advised to evaluate the Internal marks of the final year project using Skype or other meeting applications. The students may be advised to keep the soft copy of the report ready.
  9. The colleges are required to follow all the precautionary measures to ensure safe and proper social distancing in the campuses and preventive measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Additional precautions to be followed are as under.

• All the teaching and non-teaching stall-should wear the masks compulsorily (face cover) during working hours and during travel from home to office and back.
• Before entering into the college and office premises. everyone should be checked for the body temperature using a infrared thermometer.
• Hand sanitizers should also be kept in the laboratories, staff rooms and office room.
• Plan to spray the offices and the classrooms with safe chemical disinfectants/fumigation.
• Colleges shall arrange for general health checkup of all the faculty and staff
• Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities. pregnant women shall work from home except for meeting essential requirements.

Colleges are directed to instruct the teachers about the classroom interventions followed by examinations when the students are back to the campus. Tentatively classroom sessions followed by examinations would commence from 1 June 2020.

Above all points must be compulsorily followed by the Constituent, Affiliated, Autonomous Engineer,* colleges. Schools. of Arch.


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