vtu is not recognised by UGC


Howdy vtu souls!

We are back with something which terrifies all students studying under VTU.
We all know that VTU is one of the most reputed universitiy in India with around more than 200 Engineering colleges affiliated to it. VTU is known for it’s reputation in field of under graduation academic courses as well as post graduation courses and the most controversial systems including yearback system and tough valuation in order to produce “Quality engineers”
But the news which we have recieved will break this contradictory myth and also raising issues with universities reputation and motto of producing “QUALITY ENGINEERS”

But VTU is not recognised by UGC

Meanwhile also read VTU vice chancellor suspended recently.

Which says,
The report by the Comptroller Auditor General of India (CAG) has revealed that Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) – that was set up 17 years ago – is yet to get recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the apex body in India that oversees the quality in higher education.
The CAG report was audited by CM Siddaramaiah in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday ie., 24, March, 2016.
Which further says,

VTU’s request, dated September 2011, for recognition by UGC was rejected because VTU did not meet minimum standards under teaching as it had shortage of faculty. Thus VTU has not been recognised by the UGC even after 17-years of its existence. Hence, VTU was unable to get developmental grant meant to improve its infrastructure and basic facilities in the VTU along with enhancement of quality in education,

the CAG report said.
We should observe something here, VTU is approved by AICTE, But AICTE approval is something which can be ruled out as the Universitues which are affiliated by UGC need not to have AICTE approval. But now VTU is ruled out from UGC which is a government body, this has raisen issues with student’s future.

Since now VTU is not recognised by UGC it also made students and parents to worry about quality education from university.
The CAG further observed that out of 200 engineering colleges affiliated with the VTU, only 14 private colleges were recognised under various provisions of the UGC Act of 1956, which is a matter of concern from the view point of quality education, according to the CAG report. And thousands of students studying under VTU now literally brimmed from this news, seriously raising questions regarding quality education from university. And nearly 4 lakh students studying under VTU is expecting an answer from official sources about this issue.
Since getting recognised by the University Grants Commission is the prerequisite for every university, VTU’s non eligibility to get recognised from UGC can be a non exceptional issue for a student’s trust over VTU. We are even facing dilemma whether VTU can be able to supress this and regain it’s trust from students. Already scams and illegal activities in VTU resulted in suspension of Vice chancellor of VTU from governor of Karnataka and this is second fatal shot for versity.
What can happen if UGC rejects pleas of VTU in future?
According to Section 22(1), of the UGC Act, only universities that are established by an Act of Parliament or the State Legislature or an institution deemed to be a university or an institution especially empowered by an Act of the Parliament can award degrees.The degrees that are to be awarded by such universities, should also be listed by the UGC under Section 22(3) of the UGC Act, 1956. Furthermore, the word ‘University’ can’t be used by any institution other than a university established by or under a Central or a State Act or a Provincial Act.
Since now VTU is not recognised by UGC it will surely create problems in upcoming days for all students.
Source: Bangalore mirror

For further news and updates stay tuned. We are bringing you some more breaking news about our VTU. 🙂


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  2. Currently I have written Dec 16 exams which I had just one critical subject , in the circular they say that if student fails to gain eligibility ,then students ia and attendance will be void

    So if a critical subject fails too student can attend crash course ???

    I am expecting your reply

  3. Does the new amendments in rules by aicte regarding the issuance of tc and certificates of students who cannot continue their studies for various reasons apply for vtu also, anyone please guide, Thanks

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