UPDATE: Here is VTU Rescheduled exam time table 2016-17.

Hey guys, if you have prepared already for tomorrow’s examinations and shovelling answers to your brains one by one, hold on for a while!

VTU has postponed the exams which are supposed to be conducted on 03/01/2017 ie., today and 04/01/2017 ie., tomorrow. The reason is yet unknown precisely or assumed to be the death of Minister H.C.Mahadavapa. And yes the news is official.

But the catch here is as soon as the news gone viral in social media sites and when we tried to hit the official sources regarding this, website is offline as usual with the data base error. This is unbearable and students were disappointed again by this.


Still somehow we managed to get the official circular.

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the legitimacy of this post, refer to the circular.


And the postponed examinations will be conducted soon, the dates are yet to be announced. We will update once we know about it. And obviously we hate these postponements as this affects the students mindset and totally spoil their preparations. So let us know your reaction to this by commenting below.


As per the latest confirmations from VC, the issue is confirmed that the demise of Cooperation and sugar minister H.C.Mahadevappa. As the Chamarajanagar district announced holiday for all educational institutions, exams cannot be conducted separately  for Engineeering colleges situate in district. Even though VC justified the move, this is going to affect nearly 60,000 students and those who booked flights and train tickets are furious by this move.

The rescheduled dates will be intimated today by Vice chancellor. Stay tuned, we will let you guys know by evening.