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Updated on 22/06/2019 12:17 AM

The meetings are done and Vice chancellor as well as registrar accepted that the papers have been leaked by miscreants and action will be taken on those who are responsible for it. Yet no word regarding the re exams as many papers are leaked this time. The education minister G.T. Devegowda has assured that if question papers are leaked then exams will be postponed for sure and those are responsible will be arrested.

The meeting is supposed to happen today as well and we will let you guys know if we get any updates.

The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belagavi is making rounds on media again after the event of question paper leakage. It isn’t either new or completely unexpected in an uni of this size. The question papers were previously leaked last time as well for the branches of civil engineering which was found after 24 hours. Exams were rescheduled after that.

This scam of vtu came to light when Dighvijay news and Vijayavani which comes under VRL media limited started investigating the issue.

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Though this has happened in the past, we barely saw an exam or two postponed in a semester.
But this time, the investigation bureau of the Dighvijay news is able to debunk the mafia which sells question papers for a mere 10 thousand. As per the sources, the number of papers leaked belong to various branches of engineering and most of the papers are leaked from all branches and semesters.

Investigation bureau of Dighvijay news documented all of it very carefully and they received all question papers just before one hour of the examination. Since most of the examination papers are leaked. We are expecting a re-exam for all of these subjects.

Though it’s not clear which subjects exams will be redone, we are expecting a major changes in exams which are already over since vtu might consider this issue very carefully because of of the pressure from higher authorities.

We also heard, presently Dighvijay news is following up this issue with education minister as well as chief minister as well as high education officials.

We will update once we get the clear picture of the outcome from vtu as well as higher officials of government.

It is suspected that many of the professors and principals of engineering colleges are involved in this and we are yet to hear official word on this.

Stay tuned as we will update this post every hour.




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  1. 8th sem and 7th exam papers also leaked bro? if they give re exam pls ask them to give good gap b/n exams as the back to back exams would exhaust the students.

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