VTU results will be delayed this time.

The latest news about the crash course, rescheduling of examinations, as well as recent changes in VTU valuation system, is entirely amazed the students as these changes are going to make a huge bump in the varsity’s rules and regulations.
As you guys know, exams are already over, and everyone is waiting for the results.
Especially those students waiting to get eligibility and attending the crash course is obviously in a dilemma. Because only after getting qualification they are allowed to next semester.
If you don’t know about the eligibility criteria for a crash course, check the article here.

The latest update about the results may be going to make you tense a bit. Because results are going to get delayed this time. The reason is obvious because vice chancellor justified the delay in the recent press meet.
For reference, you can have a glance at below information.


From past few years, answer papers were usually scanned and sent to lecturers online for a valuation from a private company known as mind logic. But this time, various unpredicted circumstances led to the outrage of students and irresponsible valuation from lecturers as well and resulted in the dismissal of 10 professors.

So obviously we can predict that the valuation process is going to take ample of time. Speaking to the press vice chancellor of VTU, Dr.Karisiddsppa said that VTU is going to use the government provided software this time for scanning and also importing of machines for the same is still in progress.

Since the process is still ongoing, valuation has not yet started, and this made students worry a lot. As VTU also gave one more chance to students who got the year back in the past, crash course classes have begun, and students are eagerly waiting for results.

Update: Classes for regular students will commence from February 13th as recently updated by the principal of DSCE, hence please wait till we get official confirmation, we will update here as soon as we get an official update regarding the same.

So stay tuned, and we will let you know the latest updates as soon as we get them. 🙂



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