If you are wondering why VTU results are getting delayed this time, we posted about this before few weeks itself. Have a look at the post from here.
VTU results will be delayed this time.

The main reason for the delay this semester is because of the change of valuation process.

Because in the recent years the valuation process including scanning of answer scripts and sending those soft copies to lecturers online was being conducted by an external agency called Mind logic. VTU was paying around 15 crores every semester for this process and as we already know, the previous semester was awful for the reputation of VTU as many students went to court asking for justice, and many approached NSUI and ABVP due to mishaps in the valuation process. Later VTU announced about evaluation without any cost and that too went in vain as most of the guys applied for it couldn’t pass, and VTU then brought crash course for those students.

Since all these irregularities made students question about the systematic process of valuation, new vice chancellor of VTU, Dr. Karisiddappa is quite not happy about this and decided to carry out the whole process with VTU staff instead of mind logic. Hence VTU is using software provided by the government for scanning purpose, and also new scanning machines and other equipment were imported from America recently. Due to all these reasons, the evaluation process has begun just a few days back in VTU, and apparently, it may take a while for the announcement of results.


Is it a good move?

Definitely, yes.

We know that waiting for VTU results is one of the most absurd and frustrating things for an Engineering students but trust us. CHANGE is a good thing, new vice chancellor is striving hard to bring the transparency in VTU evaluation system, and we should appreciate this move.

Since all the process is going on in a strict surveillance in VTU, we don’t have to worry about irregularities this time.
Just a few days and results will be announced, at this instant, we don’t have any updates. Keep an eye on VTU results post; we will get back with results dates in a few days until then, stay tuned.

Crash course students please have patience, we are trying to get information from official sources but nobody is ready to quote a date, we will update the Crash course results dates as soon as we receive any information from reliable sources.