VTU revaluation results 2019

vtu revaluation results 2017

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VTU revaluation results of 7th and 8th semester both cbcs and non cbcs is announced. 

The results servers will be up by 9:00 AM and after that students can check their results.

VTU revaluation results 2019 will be announced soon.

  • ALL VTU revaluation results will be updated shortly.


Since a lot of students facing either invalid USN or withheld results, it takes few more days for the final announcement of the VTU revaluation results and some reports suggest that student may have to wait a bit long.

  • Results updated on: 18-10-2017 @ 01:40 AM on VTU official site. Please check once if your results were withheld from below link.

If your results are withheld or not announced, do not faint as results data is still being updated. All revaluation results of all semesters will be updated soon.

All semester VTU revaluation results are pending including CBCS results which had been delayed due to some reasons, as of now PG results of MBA and MCA results are also not announced and also for a final year, third-year and second-year results have been not announced. Now we know that most of you people are already worried about your marks, and applied for revaluation, and eagerly expecting for VTU revaluation results dates. So we got some information regarding probable VTU revaluation results of 2017 of all semesters.

VTU Revaluation Results 2017

*1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester 2010 scheme VTU revaluation results will be announced next month ie., in October, and you guys can have a glimpse of it before the month of October and moreover, You can Check your results from below given link.

Also, check out VTU time table

Check out VTU revaluation results dates from below tables.(Updated on October 4th, 2016)

CBCS revaluation results

CBCS SCHEME1st semester 2nd semester3rd semester4th semester5th semester
Belgaum, Kalburgi region.
Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.
Bangalore, Mysore region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.

Even semester revaluation result dates:

Region/Semester2nd semester4th semester6th semester8th semester
Belgaum region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Kalburgi region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Mysore region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Bangalore region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.

Odd semester revaluation result dates:

Region/Semester1st semester3rd semester5th semester7th semester
Belgaum region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Kalburgi region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Mysore region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
Bangalore region.Not announced.Not announced.Not announced.Announced.
  • Even for 2014 batch students revaluation results will be announced with 2010 batch results.
  • For CBCS students the online filing of an application for photocopy and evaluations will start as soon as regular results are announced and the last day for submitting applications without penalty will be published soon. The Last date for submitting applications with a penalty will also be notified as soon as we get information from official sources.


But CBCS Revaluation results of 2015 batch will be announced later after the announcement of 2010 batch results so that CBCS revaluation results will be announced later. Till then stay tuned 🙂 We will update you 🙂

About VTU:

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is an open state university in Karnataka State, India. It was set up by the Government of Karnataka. Apart from a couple striking exceptional cases, VTU has to get the active force in Karnataka in the technical education field. It is statutory vital for the university offering professional education, headway in the state to be associated with the university.

The school is named after Sir M Visvesvaraya from Karnataka, the first specialist to be remunerated a Bharat Ratna, the most important standard national honor in India. Jnana Sangama, Belagavi is the central station of VTU. Plus, the school has three regular focuses in Bangalore, Gulbarga, and Mysore.

VTU is one of the best schools in India with 212 universities reinforcement to it with an affirmation limit of more than 467,100 students undergraduate and 12,666 postgraduates. The university unites specific and association fields which offer a total of 30 undergraduate and 71 postgraduate courses. The school has around 1800 Ph.D. candidates.

VTU has 13 QIP focuses and 17 expansion centers in its assistant colleges offering postgraduate courses. It has around 2,305 divisions saw as examination focuses which are spread over its reinforcement establishments in urban locales of Karnataka.

It is one of only an unobtrusive bundle couple of university of India to have 16 of its support universities saw by the World Bank for getting help with setting up best in class labs, grounds work environments and examination focuses under the TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program, an administering group of India development) program.
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Conclusion – 

We will let you all know once VTU revaluation results in dates and last date to apply online once it is announced. Hope you guys already checked out Vtu Results 2019 and Vtu Mba Results. And results of all semesters will be announced soon.

Stay tuned.



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  1. Vtu tell are you announce revaluation results for cbcs… students are really waiting…I really hated Ur vtu .if u can not handle university .let’s close … stupid all vtu staff

  2. Why are you playing like this vtu.what have we done to you. We students are suffering soo much because of you people vtu. Do you want us to fight against you. You people don’t underestimate us.

  3. Our 2nd internals are from this monday and we didn’t get into the college till now..how are we supposed to score internal average marks..once you announce revaluation results we can take admission and attain internals..kindly reply

  4. Please close the university of your unable to give us results on time, you always have some or the other problem for releasing results on time. When vtu can’t conduct supplementary exams atleast give our results on time ! We don’t ask for anything more. This is awful !

  5. Sir,why are you not announced the revaluation results of VTU. Why are you playing with a student’s life, already 2nd internals are completed. Please update the results of us as soon as possible,.

  6. This is absolutely care less attitude of VTU management that they are delaying results.its the duty of education ministry and governor to investigate the reason of delay and address the problem

  7. Very bad valuation no proper marks for students i don’t know what’s wrong with that digital valuation. If they write stories and fill the paper then they will give good marks!,if we write proper answers they won’t give proper marks.

  8. Vtu says that verification link for photocopy of answer scripts hand been sent to your email id’s but I did not receive any mail regarding this! What to do? Kindly reply Shravan

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