VTU to promote all students except final year

As you all know already, today is a good day because VTU final took it’s stand to favouring the students and promoted all first year, second year as well as third-year students without any examinations. But this isn’t applicable for final year students.

Even though this is good news certainly, there are so many doubts among VTU students so let’s fix it all one by one.

Let’s go through the latest quote from Higher education minister Ashwath Narayan.

UGC has recently issued guidelines regarding the conduct of examinations keeping COVID19 in mind. The Higher Education Department has taken a decision on the same after taking into consideration these guidelines keeping in mind the long term interests of our students.
Intermediate semester students will be promoted based on a comprehensive evaluation parameter.

The promotion will be based on ‘Comprehensive Evaluation’ with 50:50 weightage to internal marks and the aggregate of previous semester marks (if available)
Students who desire to improve his/her scores will be allowed to appear for examinations conducted during the next semester.
If a student has a backlog, those subjects will be carried forward and he/she will need to appear in examinations for them in the next semester.
Examinations for final semester/year students including for backlogs will be conducted by the end of September 2020.
Further details on the process and schedule will be notified by the respective Universities. Reach out to 080-22341394 if you have any query.

This quote has certainly answered most of the questions in students mind.

Let me make a few assumptions and solve it one by one.

1. I’m from the first year (Or second or third year) and I have a backlog, even though I’m promoted, will I be allowed to take exams for my backlogs?

Nope, not gonna happen, no exams. This applies for backlogs too.

2. I’m from final year and I have backlogs from 5th or 6th or 7th semester, will I be allowed to take backlog exams?

Yes, definitely you will be given a chance to attend the backlogs of any semester.

3. I’m passed out student this will be my last attempt to finish engineering, what to do?

You will be allowed to take up examinations and this will be considered as a last attempt too. But I hope, I really really really hope to get an extension for all of you guys. Please wait for a few days.

4. I’m passed out student with a backlog from 6th semester, will I be given exams of that backlog and this will be my last attempt?

Yes, you will be allowed to take that examination.

5. I don’t like this “corona promotion”, I studied like a hardcore nerd in this lockdown without watching Money heist and Dark, what should I do?

You can take up next semester examination along with this semester exams too, well that’s 16 subjects altogether. :p

6. What will be my score of this semester?

Check your previous semester results. That will be your score.

7. I have not attended my previous semester?
Umm, I don’t know, let me ask registrar and update the post.

Well, that’s enough questions I feel, if you have a few more questions, drop in the comment box and I will answer.


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