Howdy VTU souls!

We have got a confirmation that year back system, as well as critical year back system, is canceled for 2010 scheme or also known as non-CBCS scheme.

As we spoke to registrar Jagannath Reddy yesterday, he explained us regarding the same as following.

Despite of having any number of backlogs and critical backlogs, we are allowing all 2010 scheme students or non-CBCS students to enter 7th sem if he is waiting to get eligibility.

And we will conduct exams for them in vacations and upcoming exam will be of examination for backlogs.

They will be allowed to write exams of the 7th semester only after they get eligibility.

But again we are allowing students to enter 8th semester and clear their project works even if they fail in next eligibility exams so that all students can clear their final year works.

So this is going to give a big relief to more than 19,000 students and non-CBCS students are extremely happy with this decision made by VTU.

But as of now, CBCS students are left behind, and no solution or relief has been given for CBCS students yet, but the VTU students struggle committee as well as AIDSO considered to look at the problems of CBCS students and yet to decide on the same.



  1. When am I going to write 7th semester exams?

You will not be allowed to write 7th-semester exams until you get eligibility. You are going to attend classes as usual and write backlogs exam in next upcoming exams. If you get eligibility, then you will be allowed to write 7th-semester exams in vacations.

  1. What if I don’t get eligibility in this upcoming exams?

No worries, you will still be allowed to enter 8th semester despite of backlogs and even if you don’t get eligibility.

  1. Is this a crash course?

No, it isn’t. It’s a complete carry over with one single condition that you should be eligible to write exams, but you can attend classes with no restriction.

  1. How many students are benefited?

Over 19,000 students are going to get benefited.

  1. Can I attend classes?

You can attend claases with no restrictions, doesn’t matter how many backlogs you have.


1. It is applicable to you if you are still in 2010 scheme.
2. It is applicable to you if you joined engineering before 2015. Ie., you should have completed both 1st and 2nd year in Non CBCS only.
3. It is not applicable to you if you got year back in 1st year and you joined engineering in 2014.
4. It is applicable to you if you got yearback in second year, and you joined engineering in 2014.
5. All those who wrote crash course will be eligible for this. And they go to final year.
6. All those who didn’t write crash course and didn’t get eligibility also get benefited, but they will go to third year.

Stay tuned and we are bringing more updates.