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Some people are gifted they say!

We have got one today in VTU talents list, this is our first post in this category, and we think that we have made a right choice choosing Rohan and his BATS team. No exaggeration, we feel proud to feature these guys here.

Before getting into the actual content, what makes us feel so good when we listen to music?
Please don’t say it’s dopamine :p
Good music makes things ease, makes us forget our problems, makes us miss someone, makes us smile and it has the power to heal.
These guys are known to ease up your problems by creating music which is so soothing. 🙂

Don’t expect an extensive list of songs, the songs created by BATS team is not much, but every song is a masterpiece we feel.
Not a biased opinion, every song released by their channel is so good that you fall in love with songs first time you hear.
(That one song named Preyasi which I listened to more than 100 times!)

I’m sure you guys want to know more about them, that’s the reason we are writing and exploring the talents studying under VTU and bringing them to Limelight.

Rohan is studying Engineering in BNMIT 4th semester and creating music as well as the Pro-Keyboard player.

Rohan BATS team


Let’s dive into the chit-chat and see how these guys doing all these:

1. Hai, Rohan, how many are there in BATS team? What is the motto of your team?

My friend Sandeep and I are the two main men for the team BATS. He takes care of the lyrical part, and I do composition and technical stuff. We approach talented and budding singers and make songs; we have a logo for our team. Which is a doodle, and it is entirely a handmade design.

BATS team logo
The main motto of our team is to be pioneer in the field of technology and music and to contribute to our regional language (Kannada) as much as possible and to bring out advancement in the area of technology to the deepest

2. Tell us about yourself?

Firstly, my family doesn’t have any musical background, but they are very supportive. My first step towards music started in 7th standard joined instrumental classes(keyboard), and my first guru was Mr.Akash sir. I learnt my new stuff and technics in his classes, and eventually I developed passion for music which made me start my production channel. I named it BATS MUSICIAN and that’s how it began. I started posting music tutorials and instrumental covers of songs; I had to discontinue my music classes after my 10th standard due to various reasons. When I was in 12th, I thought of doing something different, and then I started “WhatsApp love song” which was a spoof of tum hi ho. One of the biggest Facebook page “laughing colours” encouraged my work and helped me in promoting the songs and made excellent stats. After my 12th exams in vacations, I made a remake of the Bollywood song “majboor tu bhuli kahin” from the movie 1920 evil returns in Kannada ” MUGIYADA EE PAYANA” which didn’t work out and didn’t go well on YouTube. So I decided to compose songs on my own rather than doing spoofs and remakes. I had even tried making an English number which was “There’s gonna be somebody” which grabbed decent views too.

Later during my engineering days in the 2nd semester to be very much precise, I met Sandeep, and the magical journey began. We started everything from the beginning again BATS MUSICIAN became BATS PRODUCTION. We both came with the song PREYASI and continued by NAGU with the man Saleem Javed who reached 2million views for his cover song katheonda helide from the film kirik party and journey continues, and I love to meet new talented people and would love to make them work with me and create beautiful songs in future.

3. When did you first started to learn keyboard? Is it your passion to compose music or a habit?

As I told earlier my love towards music is unconditional, and it somewhere lies between a habit and passion. I do things which make me happy so that’s how composing songs began and music entered my life.
I joined my keyboard classes when I was in 7th std

4. How do you manage your academics with music?

To be honest, I’m a backbencher, and I usually study the night before my exams..and I even manage to get good grades…so juggling between music and academics was never tough for me. I manage both in an excellent way.

5. Which one would you choose if you were made to choose between music and Engineering?

This is tough, as I’m still doing my under graduation, I have no idea what I would opt in my future. Maybe 70% music as I love doing them, and it makes me happy…but on the other hand not only in music but I have other dreams to pursue too.

6. Where can we see BATS in next five years? Any projects you are currently working on?

After five years you would see BATS in a whole new avatar and dimension. As of now, the team is mainly focusing on technology and music, but in the coming years, we have plans for projects which would be for the betterment of the society.Presently we are working on our new song called TERE BINA JEENA which is coming out really well and hope to entertain a wide range of audience.

7. What is your advice to students who are getting into Engineering due to parental persuasion by ignoring their passion?

My advice to students is to watch 3 IDIOTS movie. I got inspired by that film. Don’t let your dreams fade out. As your parents suggest you cannot compromise with education and don’t leave your passion too..manage both for them in the right manner. It’s all about how well you manage to stuff
When your dream fails. You’ll always have education as your backup.

Hope you guys liked this, Personally, I like Preyasi song so much that I listen to this song every now and then. I’m kind of addicted to this song. I have dropped a link to the video beneath, check this out if you want to. Trust me, it’s so soothing.


YouTube channel link: [button link=””] BATS PRODUCTIONS[/button]

Facebook page link: [button link=””] Link text[/button]

Amazing work by BATS team:


preyasi song


nagu song

There’s gonna be somebody:

there's gonna be somebody

Check all videos by their team on YouTube channel from above channel link.

Keep on expecting more and more VTU talents featuring from us!

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