Jay Kumar Ryan Ethical Hacker and Developer from Oxford college of Engineering

Many of us dream of becoming programmers and hackers, most of us give up in the process of pursuing it, and some take the lead by starting from scratch and become what they wanted to by giving their full to it.
Today we have Jay Kumar Ryan from Oxford college of Engineering, a programmer, a developer, and a certified ethical hacker.
Let’s have a chit chat,

1. Please give us a brief introduction about you.

Jay kumar ryan

Hi, My name is Jay Kumar Ryan I’m 19, and I love to program. I’m fluent in about five programming languages. Thousands of people visit my website every day from all over the country.
I’m currently pursuing computer science engineering at Oxford college of Engineering. Prior to my engineering, I studied at Shams High School, where I was an academically strong student and won several scholarships and awards. I completed my PU at Vijaya College Jayanagar.
I really enjoy learning, to me learning is essential, and I find it as essential as eating, Either you learn or die pretty miserable without eating.
I have been born and brought up in Bengaluru, My father is a Real Estate business man, who has always inspired and motivated me to work hard and chase my dreams, and my mother is a homemaker.

2. Everybody knows about what do you do. And what do you like most. Why “Hacking” became your passion?

Hacker is the one who is commonly writing codes to solve problems. People currently call me as a Hacker. Introduce to their friends as a Hacker. By default, people know me as a hacker.
Initially, I loved programming languages I was fascinated by how those single command or the code(Program) tells a computer to do exactly the program guides.
Well, I got two passions, and one of them is to become an Ethical Hacker. Currently, its career that priority but still I make time for learning, blogging, building websites coding and doing stuff I love. And after I settle down in my career I can focus more on my other passion. It’s all about making time for what you really want and love to do. No excuses.

The pyramid of becoming life will always have the segregated class of economic earners, no matter how sound the economy.
Therefore, when it comes to fulfilling our passions, first and foremost, it must be tailored to our own reality. Which enables one to enjoy every moment of the experiencing. The goal must be within the range of realizable ends; else disappointment would ensue.

3. What are your parents take on this? I’m asking because most of the parents go with traditional squirting of education and jobs?

My parents never stopped me from following my dreams; they never told me to be an engineer or a doctor and they’ve been proud of me all the way.
Yes, I’ve messed up a lot in between. Yes, there have been times when I haven’t been the ideal son. Yes, there were times when I had been distracted from my goals. But somehow I’ve pulled through. I don’t think I’d have done so if it weren’t for them.
Pursing my childhood dreams, achieving little little targets in life, being kind and humble to people around me, following the morals and ethics that they have instilled in me since childhood and most of all, being a good human being – I think these are the things which make my parents really happy and proud of their son!

4. Which is your favorite programming language? Why do you like it?

Today, one should not have one single favorite programming language. We are going through a phase of programming language renaissance where we have a number of excellent programming languages being developed and used. My favorite programming language depends on the problem domain that I would like to solve.
Picking favorites is hard, especially when you’re asked to choose from a list of things where many of the possible choices have different purposes. That being said, I play the favorites game all the time. Including now.
I don’t have a single favorite, but here are a few languages to which I’m partial.
I’ll always pick Ruby. Why? Ruby’s primary design principle is not to be performant as (C, C++), or to run everywhere (Java), or to be noob friendly (PHP, Python), but to increase developer happiness. No, I’m not kidding. Ruby is excellent but still underestimated.
I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language.

5. You are also running a blog, how do you manage your time with studies?

It is a frequent question asked by every student.
But you can do it if you will follow your interest. while studying, if you are writing what you like, then it will come in your work in both ways. That may be your course related or may be any thing extra curricular.
Blogging along with study together is not a hard task.
Blogging requires 1–2 hours daily of your time, which I think any student can give as blogging helps us in many ways like improving our writing skills as well as creative skills and you also get some knowledge about web designing and promotion of blogs.
So all in all its a good idea to start blogging even though you are studying.
I and some of my friends have also made a blog, or you may call it as a website in which we are focusing on providing free and valuable notes regarding “how to’s,” Technical knowledge and also some latest updates of Hacking.
My suggestion would be Complete your studies first, blog only if you get extra time. Education is essential; it’s not only about making money.

6. When did you first started to learn to program? Which courses helped you most?

In 7th standard, I came across my first ‘real’ programming language – C Programming. Variables, loops, I/O, graphics. I spent quite a long time exploring it. Our school book contained only rudimentary programs, demonstrating the concepts. I was super excited when I made my first program using complex switch case logic and random numbers trying to simulate a simple game.
I also went to programming classes in 10th grade. I learned c,c++, Java in summer holiday of 10th grade which helped me a lot, I thank my teacher Shridhar sir from NTTF and Rajendra Prasad Sir from PES Who guided me and taught me programming.
Later on, I went on reading how BASIC has played a crucial role in the software revolution, and how at a time, many production software was written using it. I took many programming courses just by watching videos and doing it myself. The best programming language I learned online was python.
I went to college to study CS. I have again come across C, Java, and a few other programming languages. C programming is like my first love in the journey that Computer Science has taken me to. Unforgettable !
I also did CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) course along with my engineering. Which landed me here.

7. Are you going to take this passion professionally and pursue it?

Maybe I’m not sure; I want to do physics. It fascinates me. I have been able to overcome the fear of there not being enough in that field to support me financially (in India, at least) but then I face the next challenge.
I want to be good at physics.
But I doubt that I ever can be good enough, and that idea is kind of scaring me right now.
However, I haven’t let this hold me back completely yet since I’m still in UG and maybe by the time I finish UG, I’ll be able to understand that I’ll never know if I can be good enough if I don’t give it a try.
I honestly believe in that There is only one path to success – and that is the path of passion! I think one of the biggest challenges people face in pursuing their passion is them listening to other people’s negativity or telling you that it’s not a good idea or it will never happen.
Most of us need a paycheck to survive. Most passions do not pay well, if at all. Most professions pay far better.

8. What do you suggest for newbies who want to become white hats and become professional ethical hackers?

The best suggestion is to start hacking. Start hacking anything and everything on your way. To ensure that you can hack ethically, create your own lab to learn some hacking skills. Install various operating system and hack endlessly. Take some online courses that will introduce you to hacking. Some can
Go ahead and ask your organization or school if you can test their systems and report to them any bugs you find. Learn about the various steps a penetration tester would take. This would involve reconnaissance all the way to exploitation as described in a Certified Ethical Hacker course. Go ahead and attain the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or CEH certification and that will show you some practical hacking skills.
While it will take time for you to master your hacking skills, that does not mean you can’t start cashing on them as you learn. While you might not reach the levels of Kevin Mitnick or Jonathan James you can provide consulting to very many organizations that have left their systems open to hackers.
Study and do practicals of hacking in deep.
Get certified from EC-Council or CEH
Learn from Cybrary – Free Online Cyber Security Training, Forever | Learn and Find Jobs
Always download good books and pdfs.
Try offensive security certification. For good hacking and PEN-testing.

9. Any insights on the present education system and how this can be improved?

Education has been a problem in our country, and hundreds of colleges and private universities to mushroom is not going to solve the crisis of education in India. Now a days colleges and education are meant for business. They are in the mindless rat race to grow their business, and millions of students are the victim of an unrealistic, pointless, mind numbing competition.
As said VTU is one of those. I have successfully hacked VTU more than twice. Anyone can change your grades or mine, and they don’t even have an idea of those who do evil things.
VTU should start securing their systems The only solution is using linux instead of windows.

10. Any suggestions for VTUsouls?

Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for nineteen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement.
I am honored to be with you today at VTU souls from one of the finest websites Where VTU students get accurate and latest news regarding VTU; I never had a talk like this before. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten.

I thank Shravan Kumar for featuring me in VTU talents list, VTUsouls has been doing great work and helping many confused VTU Students providing them accurate results and real news. I really like the concept of VTUsouls introduced and came in handy at the difficult situation. Keep up the great work Sharvan Kumar.






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