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This is second listing in the VTU talents category and today we have a raising YouTuber Jeet Bose from CMRIT.

Without wasting time, let’s have a chit chat.

  • Hai Jeet, give us a brief introduction about you and your native.

Hi Shrav, first of all, I would like to thank you for creating this amazing platform “VTU talent.” I basically belong to West Bengal, but I visit my native place hardly once in a year. As my dad has served Indian airforce for 24 years, from my childhood, I have been travelling all over India.
The places I have stayed in sets of 3-4 years are Kashmir, Barrackpur, Baroda, Jorhat and then finally I landed in Bangalore to complete my Higher studies

  • What is your specialisation of skills in video editing?

I make animation videos using video scribe and Go animate. In my youtube channel, you will find three different types of video
1) Complete animation video.
2) Motivational videos.
3) Video made by mixing camera footage and animation.

  • Is it a tough task to become a YouTuber?

Interesting Question Shrav, I think it boils down to the personal interest of an individual. Growth in youtube is a bit slow at starting and that’s the phase most people whose main focus is to earn money from youtube give up. But if someone is doing this out of passion and keeps uploading video continuously for 1 or 2 years, he or she will be the next superstar in their respective field. Once Someone’s youtube channel starts growing, it’s exponential growth, and it never stops.

  • How much time does it take to create a video?

I take a bit time to create animation video, okay let me tell you the procedure I follow to make my video

1) I make the script.

2) I create the animation using scribe or go animate.

3) Sometimes I record footage using the camera.

4) Then I record the voice for the video.

5) Finally, I merge everything using software to create a video.

  • What are your views on the present education system?

This is a controversial topic. I think there is a huge flaw in our educational System, huge flaw! Let me explain how.
At the age of 18, most people have no clue what to do with their life absolutely no clue, but Most of us are brought up in a culture where we are taught to follow a predetermined path
Go to college, get a degree. Then get a good paying 9-5 job, even though you are not happy, work until the age of 60. Do a lot of saving. So you can live your dream life after retirement.

Strange isn’t it? Waste the most active period of your life doing something you don’t love and then die full of regrets!!
We are in 2017 opportunities are ripe.Degree Doesn’t guarantee anything it’s just a piece of paper!
All the rich people in history like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college to do what they love and became successful. I am not demoralising anyone, and I am not saying Engineering is bad, if you really Love engineering by heart then there is no better course in this planet for you, but 80% of the people join engineering due to parental pressure or just to live a comfortable life. In future, it becomes the most uncomfortable life possible.
I believe the biggest setback are most parent’s misunderstanding of the power of the internet and lack of belief that we can do it. We are in 2017, and it’s damn easy to earn money through online by doing what you love or to start a business.

I made a video on this topics Click here to watch it.

MONEY PSYCHOLOGY-The secret to earning money college will never teach you!


  • Is it possible to choose youtube as a career?

The answer is both Yes and No. Anyone can earn a decent amount of money through Youtube, but as I said earlier, it takes time one has to be consistent with youtube. I have to YouTuber friend from One from Australia and One from Denmark, I have collaborated with both of them, and the video can be found on my channel, and both of them are earning a decent amount of money through youtube.
So if someone commits to it, YouTube can be taken as a career.

  • What is your advice for students who want to become YouTuber’s?

The biggest obstacle is any field of life is the starting point. I would tell them to start a youtube channel without thinking much about success. There are many side advantages of making a youtube video, one can learn to be confident is front of the camera, it will improve your verbal skill Lastly, there are many tips and tricks which one can use to grow in YouTube fast, and I cover those type of the topic in my video.
Also if anyone wants to contact me personally, I would be delighted to help them.

We thank Jeet Bose for taking time to answer all our questions and guiding the upcoming Youtubers as well as sharing his thoughts with us, we will be back with another VTU talent next week.

Don’t forget to watch this motivation video from Jeet.

Stay tuned with us!



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  1. Amazing videos and your view on current educational system realy inspired me:)
    Guys check out his channel his videos are amazing

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