Keerthana: A self taught doodler by Ambedkar Institute of Technology

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Talents are many, from singers to musicians, sports persons to athletes, writers to actors. But there are some people who stay under the hood with unique talent which most of the time goes unnotified. Well, today we have someone who is capable of creating unique art forms called Doodles.
What are doodles exactly?
Doodles are nothing but a drawing which depicts something in an art form using various shapes.
We have a doodler Keerthana from AIT today.

Keerthana doodler

Without wasting time, let’s dive in.

1. Please give us a brief introduction about you.

I’m Keerthana. I stay in Bangalore.I’m doing my engineering in Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology. Doodling is one of my hobbies which I love doing the most. I even love reading novels and like dancing ( haven’t learned it though).
I’m a self-taught doodle enthusiast.

2. I’m very much impressed by your work, when did you first started creating doodles?

Thanks for the compliment. It’s been a year since I started doodling. It was on my long vacation when I saw a doodling post in social website, was much impressed so thought of trying it out. I googled and replicated some doodles; it wasn’t bad. After a while, I thought of implementing my own patterns, and so I did.

3. Though doodling is not at all an easy task, there are a lot of apps and softwares which can create doodles in less than a minutes. What do you think about it? Does it really worth creating them by hand?

I know it’s not easy doodling though they are just simple designs filling the whole canvas. One must have a lot of patience and concentration doing them. For me, YES it is worth doing with my hand. I felt so calm and composed doing them when something is like your stress buster why let it go?
And I believe that no app or software can be above handmade art. An app or software can create doodles in minutes but do they have heart or do they reduce stress?
NO, but I do doodle with all my heart, and I love doing them.
I remember reading an article about how doodling helps one, but I exactly don’t remember them to quote here, but it’s true that it really helps in improving concentration and being creative, etc..

4. Which is the favorite you have created so far?

My personal favorite is Buddha and Dreamcatcher.

(All doodles are shown at the end of post).

5. I have read on Forbes that Google doodle costs around 268 million dollars, that’s kind of whopping investment from companies on doodles. You have any thoughts on taking this hobby professionally?

I’m still a beginner, and I’m giving more importance in improvising my doodle skills. It has been just a year, and hence I haven’t thought about taking this as a profession, but I’m sure that I won’t stop doing them and would continue doing them for me.
But I wouldn’t mind showcasing them and make some real cash out of it though doodle wouldn’t be my primary source for living.

6. How much time does it really take to create a doodle?

It depends. I never do the whole thing in a stretch, I do for some 2-3hrs a day and time requirement is mainly based on how big the doodle is, and even depends on the detailing.

7. What is your parents take on this hobby?

They are quite happy about my works..they never say no to whatever new I try. Maybe they never show so much of interest in them, but they do respect my works and never degrade me.

8. What do you think about the current education system? Does it help in expertise with your hobbies?

Education has become a basic necessity these days. Never ever neglect studies, Get a degree at least and you will be set. This creativity can help one in achieving as they improve your concentration and patience. Expressing him or herself is what a person really requires. So this talent of mine has helped me in opening up with a lot of people and present myself to the best level. So I say I am expertise in presenting myself and a positive approach towards educating people in every way possible.

9. What do you say for students with extracurricular activities like this who are in dilemma of choosing between passion and persuasion?

So passion and persuasion. Educating oneself is the primary task. Get done with your studies in whatever stream you love then get on with your talent, but that doesn’t mean you stop concentrating on your passion. Pursue the basic needs, and the follow the passion. So as there are more talented people in the outer, world what you pursue will take you to more heights whereas passion might or might not.


That’s all for the day folks. 🙂

If you know anybody with distinct talents, mail it to us. We will take care of the rest.

Stay tuned, we will be back with another talent next week. Until then, bye bye.



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