Howdy VTU souls!

So many guys were confused regarding the steps to be followed in order to apply for VTU crash course. Here is the pattern you should follow to apply.
The fore most thing to be considered here is the application forms you should submit to college.
You have to submit two application forms in your college.
1. Application form which we have given below.

2. Format of Notary stamp paper duly signed by lawyer or any government advocate.

Here is the steps you should follow:

  1. Meet head of department of your branch and ask for format of E-Stamp form which is being given in all Engineering colleges with a specific format.
  2. Download the application form or just get a print of image posted above.
  3. Then you have to get an E-stamp paper typed with your name and college as well as get it signed by advocate.
  4. To make things simpler, go to any taluk office near your locality and get it signed and everything done for just 300 rupees.

More information regarding crash course:

Crash course has already begun in all Engineering colleges and those who have exams now can absolutely attend exams and try to attend crash course classes as much as possible and the new information which we have received is as follows

  1. Crash course will be done for 7 weeks hence the entire syllabus will be completed in this duration.
  2. Until the crash courses are finished, no classes will be held for other students.
  3. Crash course will be there on Sunday and Saturday too.